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The Cathy K. Files

In an effort to get inside the head of a fully indoctrinated Buchmanite this is some material directly from one. Cathy K. was a former friend of mine who betrayed my trust and used me just as she used her Klonopin: For pleasure only. The only reason why are relationship ended was that I criticized her precious program. That shows how shallow all most relationships within Buchmanism are.

The story of Cathy K. is a tragic one. Her story is one of chronic self-inflicted abuse, of worthlessness and of betrayal. Her story is to be found between the lines of the following vignettes. It's of reliquishing all self-control to live down a stereotype and to never excercise one's own inate sense of ethical choice for a better life. It is, in essence, something which I present to the world to those who wonder: "Are they actually getting better or worse within The Rooms?"

The answer is obious: The recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry, dehumanizes its participants and enables the parasite of addiction. Read carefully and you'll hear a parasite throwing a tantrum time and time again just to get what it wants: Deep chemical pleasure which feels good all over. Witness the humanity reduced to ashes as the movement renders freethought as a liability and conformity to the doctrine of addiction as a New Life.

"Addiction" This is her story which proved to be quite prophetic.
Final Response This is her final E-mail to me and my response. I have never received a followup to this.

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Last updated 2005/03/05

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