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Positions On 12-Step Programs

Are you for or against 12-Step Programs? (2005/04/24)

I'm obviously against them. They're obvious religious rituals based upon cult coercion and conversion practices. They have horrically low abstinence outcome rates bordering on nonexistent. The worst person I could consider getting advice concerning recovery from, much less advice on how to quit, drinking and durgging is from anyone who claims that they're powerless over the desire to self-intoxicate.

Are 12-Step Programs helpful? (2005/04/24)

Only for one out of twenty people exposed to Buchmanism, according to A.A.'s Comments On Triennial Surveys document. In other words, it fails the huge majority exposed to it. As for myself, while I was involved in A.A. and treatment based upon it, looking back I cannot think of a single thing which really helped me to end my bad habit of self-intoxication. In fact, 12-Step is harmful by design since it teaches that one is irresponsible for the choice put into action to intoxicate, that they're insane and must rely upon external things, all to hopefully remain conditionally abstinent for only one day! Then the cycle of indecision and procrastination repeats.

Misc. Positions

Are meetings neccessary for recovery from addiction? (2005/04/24)

No. This is a cultural holdover from A.A. itself and its meetings. While socialization is good in and of itself it is not a requirement for abstaining from self-intoxication. The only requirement for abstinence is just never intoxicating yourself again. That's all! Once you quit for good you will then genuinely feel better as your body itself heals from all of that poison you put in there in the first place.

Personal Questions

Are you a doctor? (2005/04/24)

No. My pseudonym, dr.bomb, is based upon the initials of my real name. I've always been a dr.bomb even before I quit intoxicating myself. However I am quite analytical and possess a strong sense of ethics. As for the Ph.D. please Recover Now and at the end of the Crash Course you'll figure out what the Ph.D. is. I am as much of a physician as Dr. Dre is, for example. Are you going to pursue his background too just because he can lay down some killer tracks?

What's your qualifications? (2005/06/15)

My qualification is that I used to be addicted to alcohol. I never drink now. In Buchmanese I'm considered one of the few who wind up in "spontaneous remission" yet am considered a "dry drunk" because I'm not experiencing someone else's idea of a "new freedom and a new happiness". In standard American English, I simply quit drinking when the bad consequences outweighed the good. I also have plenty of knowledge about alternatives to addiction and the information which one can use to cure themselves and get on with their lives. I also have the experience of hundreds of A.A. meetings and I'm quite familiar with their propaganda.

What's your real name? (2005/05/11)

It's no one's business but my own. I respect anonyminity on request and, likewise, remain anonymous myself through my pseudonym. I feel that knowing my real name would just cause more trouble since I'm a refugee within the system and such knowledge of my identity is irrelevant to what I write about.

Why do you post real names on your site? (2005/05/11)

In the case of members of A.A. they're cerebrally deceased and could care less (for the ones who are alive I stick to A.A.'s anonyminity standard by using the person's first name and the initial of their last name). In the case of Buchmanites performing covert Twelth Step work within the the profession of "couseling" they're deliberately breaking Traditions which, unfortuately, I will call them out just for the sake of the ethical principles of Informed Consent while A.A. Traditionally will remain inert per the loophole within the Ninth Tradition. In the case of others I post their real names because that's what they posted to me knowing that I will post accoringly. I will not post E-mail addresses.

Are you against God? (2005/05/11)

The more accurate question is if I'm against religion. In that case, I'm not. I'm not just a strong proponent of separation of Religion and Government but also against making religious practices a crime. Also I'm against obvious destructive mind control cults which do horrible things in God's name such as Scientology, the Church of Unification and every 12-step group. Let people believe what they want to believe and, likewise, don't impose your beliefs upon others as being the one true way and that their way is going to lead to very bad things. It's better if you don't intrude between a person and their theistic, where it be deistic, monotheistic polytheistic, atheistic and agnostic, beliefs. Personally and in practice, I remain secular: I recognize all yet personally adopt none.

Since you're against A.A. then aren't you being hypocritical in your secualrity? (2005/05/11)

No. Being against A.A. and 12-Step programs in general is not being against monotheism (much less religion in general). This is a typical red herring.

How many A.A. meetings have you been to? (2005/05/11)

Too many.

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