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Outing A.A.

Greg Mayer LCADC

As soon as I got home I punched up my E-mail. Sure enough, there was an interesting message waiting for me to reply to. So I took a couple of minutes out of my busy schedule to respond to it:

Outgoing E-mail:




Thu, 8 Feb 2007 17:13:40 -0500


Re: HBO Rehab DVD
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On Thu, 8 Feb 2007 12:26:22 -0500 "Greg Mayer" writes:

> I found your amusing site today and Stanton Peele's book about the 
> truth regarding addiction about1998 ..I am in my own recovery and I
> am a  LCADC.

Hello Greg.

A Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, eh?

What is your plan concerning your future use of recreational drugs?
With the problems you may have had from your use of them are you
going to use them again in this lifetime or not?

> Some of your stuff is funnie and I will quote your site if IT 

And why wouldn't I be pleased? ;->

> The reason I am writing is because the HBO Rehab DVD ids not being 
> sold by HBO although I just purchased a copy of Why They Can't Stop
> or the  DVD Addiction .which I will review and send my opinion
> (everybody has  one).

I sincerely doubt that HBO will have "Rehab" available in DVD format
anytime soon. I'm certain that I'd go through it documenting in more
detail what's wrong with the current pro-addiction
"treatment/recovery" system (I'd be free to post clips under the
aegis of Fair Use much easier since it would be in digital format).

The truth is that all treatment and counseling concerning substance
addiction is fraudulent when it omits direct instruction on how to
quit. It's the big reason why I aborted my attempt in becoming a

It's unconscionable peddling lies to desperate people who want to
quit (or are led to believe that they'll learn how to quit within the
pro-addiction cultocracy of the social services system). One is
better off going solo, infiltrating the cult and telling newbies the
Good News: That quitting is effortless when one knows the nature of
that ambivalence which drives addiction.

> Do you have a copy of this Rehab special ?I could use it to
> stimulate  some impaired teens I work with LOL

I don't think that's funny. I suggest that you read the Hippocratic
Oath if you're going to play games like that:

You're better off telling those kids that they can trust themselves
that they can quit anytime they want to; that the price of that
freedom is the knowledge that the profession you're engaged within is
a scam based in the Big Lie of the disease mythology of addiction

Can you handle such rigorous honesty?

> Somewhat sincerely
> Greg Mayer LCADC BA SOB former AHole

With all sincerity, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time.

dr.bomb, Ph.D. (Phormer.Drunk.) AVRT(tm) \____________
Editor of The ARID Site * *
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** Addiction counseling and groups are total frauds **

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Afterwards I thought about what I wrote and was curious about the domain he was sending mail from. It turns out that is actually the domain name for the Atlantic County, New Jersey, Government Web Site!

The it hit me: The taxpayers within that county are hiring and paying people like Mayer in order to deal with other peoples' substance addiction. And what are they getting for their money? Well, they're getting someone who can't write and certainly doesn't know how to quit an addiction. Obviously, the calling card of a known Buchmanite is the "in recovery" qualification.

Since I have a feeling that Mayer is not going to respond back regarding my opening questions:

What is your plan concerning your future use of recreational drugs? With the problems you may have had from your use of them are you going to use them again in this lifetime or not?

...he's fair game to be outed. But then, since he also works with addicted teens, it's also a moral mandate to protect those children from predators such as him. Spreading iatrogenic disorders (the disease mythology of addiction) to impressionable, addicted and desperate youngsters is just flat out child abuse.

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