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Can the cult of A.A. handle the truth when one of "their own" says they quit without A.A.?
(In front of the whole room when receiving their Five-Year Coin, no less?)

HBO's "Addiction" series lies: There is no gene or "brain disease"!

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The Truth About Addiction Treatment And The Recovery Group Movement:

QUESTIONER: Why doesn't [the Caldata study] cite any figures about a success rate with the actual treatment of alcohol or drugs? What would you consider a success?

KOHLER: [Dr. James Kohler, California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs] Uh, abstinence.

QUESTIONER: For how long?

KOHLER: Permanent. Not gonna happen.

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The ARID Site is an authentic anti-addiction website.
Accept no spiritual substitutes and go it alone!
Only YOU can end addiction.

Patriotically made in the U.S.A.!I'm not against drugs and alcohol. I am solidly against neo-prohibition, a.k.a. "The War On Some Drugs" for it is anti-American and against freedom in general. People have the inalienable right to pursue and enjoy pleasure in any way they desire for it's their own lives. It's no one's business if you do or don't. As long as no one else's person or property is harmed then there is no problem. If you like 'em, use 'em and I hope you relish in each moment! If your use is causing you or your friends and family problems then KNOCK IT OFF! Only YOU knows the score!

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The Basics:

  • There is no such thing as a disease known as substance addiction or alcoholism.

  • Because there is no disease there is no cure, much less "treatment" and "aftercare" which in reality is religious cult indoctrination, for volitional purposeful behavior such as addiction.

  • People drink, drug, gamble or engage in other pleasurable acitvities to excess simply because they enjoy it. Pleasure is the spice of life itself for all people obviously want to feel good. Addiction is when that person knows when that activity is getting themselves into trouble against their own better judgement that says to KNOCK IT OFF! They're not stupid.

  • Ergo, there is no gene or biological excuse which predisposes one into being an irresolute lush or junkie. Just excuses based in "Lab Oratory" and nothing more to deny one's own personal responsibility regarding their own actions. There is no connection between such genetic/biological nonsense and the self-initiated movement of one's own muscles.

  • The only handicap one has when addicted is only while intoxicated. This intoxicated state is simply self-induced chemically-enhanced stupidity from which one's most stupid actions occur.

  • Likewise, the successful ending of substance addiction does not involve meeting attendance, sponsorship, religion, confession, prayer, slogans, Big Books, Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions or any kind of groupthink which may run counter to one's own authentic beliefs and values. One simply chooses to abstain and nothing more.

  • Addiction is, therefore a choice. Abstinence is a choice as well. You can either be intoxicated or not.

  • There is no GRAY area when you know the results of your own intoxication. This is, indeed, a BLACK and WHITE issue! Either you are or you're not.

  • If one refers to there being a cure for addiction that simply means that one chooses to NEVER engage in that harmful behavior again. Such behavior is seen justly as being immoral.

  • People in general, including those who are addicted, are competent and are fully responsible for ALL of their actions, even while intoxicated. They may do stupid things while intoxicated. That doesn't mean they're always stupid. People can learn from their past stupidity.

  • There is no such thing as "the most addictive drug". The only "most addictive fix" is the one that the person is currently addicted to.

  • If you know that you become a complete ass when intoxicated each and every time you decide to get high, it's better for you to just KNOCK IT OFF!

  • There are no other guarantees when you quit outside of being sober as a stone in your own better judgment as opposed to your much worse judgment while intoxicated.

  • There are no cravings, urges, triggers or any other recovery group/addiction treatment nonsense which can compel you without your knowledge into moving your own muscles to obtain pleasure. There are no mental blank spots prior to the initial fix. No one is powerless.

  • Recovery groups in ALL of their forms, running the gamut from the religiously diseased to secularly psychological, are pathological in nature against the human drive for liberation from addiction. Indeed, the very essence of freedom itself!

  • Quitting is easy and is commonplace. The only obstacle which needs to be overcome is that self doubt within you which speaks nonsense such as:

    • "Oh, it's not that easy!"

    • "It's impossible when you're Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired!"

    • "I want to quit...but I can't!"

    • "All that can't be done!"

    • "You'll be unhappy!"

    • "What will you do next? It sucks no longer being high!"

    • "Oh, you'll drink/use again!"

    ...and recognizing such self-defeating self-talk, the language of addiction itself, is ALL false!

  • Life after addiction is not based on any conditions to be fulfilled for the sake of the reward of abstinence. Turn it around and realize that it's the addicted person who uses their life and events surrounding it as the big excuse for the next fix.

  • Would you rather hang out with people who can't take full adult responsibility and make a firm decision to KNOCK IT OFF once and for all or live life with some REAL responsible adult friends? Real friends who won't abandon you when you make your final decision regarding your own addiction and quit?

  • If one's addiction were to end once and for all then what's to justify the next "treatment" session or further attendance in mindless, monotonous meetings?

In the end, regarding any addicted individual, there is no support. Nor should there be any.

Thank goodness for that! :-)

--Mark D. Baum, Proprietor of The ARID Site (2006/06/06)

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Ok Scott! I'll put your suggestion to good work in the name of Google...
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On 22 Aug 2005 14:25:05 -0000 writes:
> Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:25:41 -0000
> From: "Scott" <>
> Subject: Re: "White Light" Experience
> OK I'll bite. What does RGM ATI stand for?

RGM/ATI is an abbreviation for "Recovery Group Movement/Addiction
Treatment Industry". It's also a direct steal from Dr. James DeSena
who also has a great book where he pulls zero punches in his
criticism of Buchmanism as he helps people leap off the Recovery
Merry-Go-Round and land on both feet unscathed. His site can be found
at I'm just used to typing it since I trained to
translate that abbreviation to "the recovery group movement and its
business arm, the addiction treatment industry".

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The ARID Site exposes critical documents by George Vaillant, "The Natural History of Alcoholism Revisited", his Grapevine interview, A.A.'s 5M/12-90/TC ("Comments On A.A.'s Triennial Surveys") and other evidence that proves Buchmanism is a failure at controlling or eliminating addictive behavior.

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