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Stupid Buchmanite Nonsense

Thursday, November 24, 2005 - dr.bomb

While taking in the various posts at 12-Step-Free and "Escaping From The Cult of A.A." during my vacation time, I found that there are some people who are largely victims of their own irrational beliefs within the lies of AAmerican culture.

In particular, I have found:

  • A person who was once a long-term member of A.A. who suffers from the belief that they are diseased with ADD and is planning to use that as an excuse to drink again despite their own better judgment.

  • An apologist for the addiction treatment industry who regards anyone as not believing that there is such thing as an "alcoholic", much less the idea of one being "in recovery", is "full of shit".

  • An apologist of the harm reduction movement absolving personal responsibility over self-intoxication by labeling it as "self-medication".

  • A person making highly misguided claims that "gangstalking" is a growing menace in society.

All of these myths are completely untrue and make a mockery of the plight of actual victims of crimes against humanity. The irony is that these beliefs contain the unaltered philosophy of infantilism, Buchmanism, and upon closer examination shows how deep Buchmanism has permeated our culture and has resulted in the end of democracy within the United States of America and replaced with a victimocracy.

Taken as a whole regarding how to quit an addiction once and for all, all of the nonsense above is simply that: Nonsense which serves as a series of techniques to instill self-doubt and offer convenient excuses for continued engagement within that problem behavior. Anyone can choose to quit and stubbornly stick by that commitment once and for all for one lifetime at a time. The trick is to see how the system itself is rigged against the individual who is addicted and to stick with that commitment as a way to spite the corrupted system, despite the deeply misguided apologists, defenders and self-professed do-gooders of that system. Once one identifies the trickery then one can successfully deprogram from that nonsense and liberate themselves further from addiction.

Attention Deficit Disorder

A close second in terms of quackery, nipping right at the heels of the disease mythology of addiction, is the myth of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). To throw this right into perspective, this is just a jumble of jargon used by the therapeutic state to label children who are bored by the rote memorization of government-approved "facts" within the public school system; lab-oratory for "Your kid ain't paying attention to our disinformation" (or, thank goodness for the kids, actively resisting it). Those kids who just don't "get it" are deemed a "special" class of citizens who require "special education" (think of Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, or O'brien's work at "Miniluv" regarding such oppressive measures).

Instead of shifting the emphasis of education on critical thinking, communication and logical reasoning skills, skills which would certainly lead to a new generation of freethinkers and leaders who would actually improve society by leaps and bounds by empowering individuals to think and act for themselves and others humanistically, the emphasis is on maintaining the status quo through indoctrination. Those in power maintain that power by keeping the underclass, the kids, stupid. And this stupidity perpetuates itself as these kids become parents themselves as the new slaves within the fascistic feudalism of "The Unified Groups of AAmerica", knowing nothing except what orders to follow whether from their slavemaster bosses or the telescreen. In the end it is all about only following orders from the same corrupt corporate-owned and corporate-subsidised regimes. To disobey means to lose one's job and, therefore, ensures not just one's own death but their own family's demise as well.

For the children who are smart enough to see through the lies yet find this brutal patriarchal system confining and just outright boring in the way that there is no authentic mental stimulation to be found within it, stimulation is provided by the therapeutic state in the form of FDA-approved Schedule-II narcotic stimulants: Pharmesutical-grade versions of speed and amphetamines, not to mention Schedule-III and IV controlled tranquilizers to help the person "come down" from that high or even to chemically neuter their own natural human desires. Thus a new, indeed "special", lesson is learned: Better living through chemistry.

The kids don't know any better, of course. How could they when "learning institutions" don't provide much in the way of actual cognitive stimulus within their own curriculum? This is compounded further by parents who simply have no clue as to how further down the spiral the system has fallen, only glad to be out of there themselves. Indeed, it's far better to label the child as possessing some form of mental malady when in fact there was nothing beneficial to learn in such facilities to begin with. In other words, don't blame the system but blame the child through such a diagnosis. Then the child, believing themselves to be "diseased", lives life as though the Sword of Damocles is dangling above them, ready to bloodily impale them at any moment at the slightest "trigger". They literally stop believing in themselves and instead of looking inside their "defective" selves and trusting their own intuition they look outside and attempt to conform to the madness through television, radio, fast food, soda pop, music, pop culture fads, crass consumerism in general, etc.

What's the end result of a socialistic totalitarian system which offers nothing? It produces people who find the AAmerican culture lacking and therefore turn to recreational drugs or other activities to take their mind off of the boring tedium, just as Russia kept the farmworkers loaded with cheap vodka. The person learns, inadvertently, that drugs make people feel good. In fact, to someone chronically bored or even abused as a kid by such a repressive, vacuous and corrupt system, they find the pleasure that drug produces so good they stick by it. This is where the label "addiction" comes into play. It's that pleasure which is never mentioned within the neo-prohibition movement, based in Christian fundamentalism, known as the "War on Some Drugs" and instead labeled as "sin".

Pilate's hand-washing is nothing when compared against that.


As an extension of the therapeutic state's indoctrination, these individuals learn about the beauty of recreational drug use. They have learned the lesson so well that they forego the middlemen, actual physicians, believing them to be the same as the walking living, breathing and practicing insults to the Hippocratic Oath who work as agents within the corrupt system in question. These sick bastards have sold out on their own professions and the human race long ago and, indeed, are engaging in crimes against humanity by selling the crimes of the state as being good medicine.

However, none of that is an excuse for self-intoxication which results in chemically-enhanced stupidity which harms others or places others' lives at risk. I draw that distinction simply because every human being has inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on their own terms.

Self-intoxication is one of those liberties which, like other liberties, possesses some risks. For example, I'm not against moderate drinking or even drunkenness. However, I am against the behavior of driving while intoxicated since while under the influence some drugs reduce one's own better moral judgment and temporarily impairs one's own motor skills. Given that context, when innocent lives hang in the balance, then I see a need for sanctions against such stupidity only when that crime is committed and a just punishment mandated after the fact (obviously, punishment in the form of religious cult indoctrination through the euphemistic un-Constitutional atrocity known as Twelve Step Facilitation is in and of itself systemic hypocrisy which contradicts personal responsibility as mandated by the criminal justice system, an outright failure with a high recividism rate and a continuation of the crimes against humanity by the therapeutic state, thus the downward spiral of systemic insanity continues).

Even the idea that liquor and other recreational drugs are forms of medication are absurd today. This stupid idea, pushed by the harm reduction movement, bases its assertions that all of those wonderful recreational drugs were routinely bought over the counter and served medicinal purposes a long time ago. Therefore, because they once were seen as medicine in the distant past, have physicians write prescriptions for them. This is nothing more than shifting the already-existing bureaucracy from the police state to the therapeutic state, a state where thanks to the recovery group movement and the addiction treatment industry, common problems within human life have become pathologized into "illnesses". In other words, "treat" the appetite and anticipation for pleasure between fixes with doctor-prescribed fixes masquerading as "treatment".

Unfortunately, that also adds legitimacy to disease mythology quackery. When professional healers prescribe recreational drugs they inadvertently send the message that there is no other way that such a chemically-dependent person can be helped (as in taught how) to restrain their own desire for self-intoxication. Between the choices of participation within the recovery group movement and getting their fixes outside an inefficient bureaucracy in a more efficient manner, they will always choose the path of least resistance within our free market economy. Also, legitimate medication used to treat actual medical problems is also undermined: Pleasure deprivation and the feeling which appears to be depression resulting from that deprivation is NOT a disorder, especially when before the substance is even ingested the person is stirred into life-affirming consciousness and purpose in procuring their pleasure-giving goodies. They want to get high for the sake of feeling that pleasure which naturally feels better than they do in that state of deprivation. Actual depression can't be cured in such a psychosomatic fashion through the choice of exercising one's own life, liberty and their own pursuit of happiness.

"Sobriety" and Being "In Recovery"

The idea that the solution to chemical dependency depends upon other dependencies and thus the solution being substitute dependencies is a bad idea. This only sets up further conditions for sobriety with the flip side being conditions for inebriation.

A condition is, just like within the BASIC programming language, simply an "IF...THEN..." decision-making construct. Within the context of the quackery known as "chemical dependency counseling", this is very diabolical because it sets up conditions which require fulfillment so that one can remain abstinent...but only for one day! Likewise, the struggle begins anew when that next daily cycle begins and proving that no problems, especially substance addiction, are ever solved when one is "in recovery". To them, IF one doesn't have...

  • ...a self-label (I'm an alcoholic, I'm an addict, etc...)...

  • ...a belief in the disease mythology of addiction...

  • ...a "support system"...

  • ...a caring family...

  • ...a loving relationship...

  • ...a belief in God (euphemistically, a Higher Power)...

  • ...a sponsor...

  • ...a home group...

  • ...regular meetings...

  • ..."aftercare"...

  • ...a fulfilling hobby...

  • ...serenity...

  • ...ways to cope with being Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired...

  • ...etc. (you can fill in the blanks yourself)...

...THEN that person will intoxicate themselves again. Notice that simple human survival along the lines of creature comfort is posited as a series of H.A.L.T. conditions. This is done not for the benefit of the person with the addictive behavior but to instill the Big Lie and foster F-SID (First-Step Indoctrination Disorder) so that the person will "come to believe" that they will be diseased forever just on the basis that they're feeling those symptoms.

Total Bill$h!t! All of those conditions are perfectly normal and signs of being a healthy human being (notice that this oft-parroted cliche contains no "Thirsty" condition) and are easily debunked:

  • I will always be hungry from time to time. Appetite is a sign of health. There is much out there to nourish one's own self. The trick is in determining whether that substance you're putting into your body is for entertainment (comfort) purposes or to keep one alive. When I get hungry I usually get something healthy and yummy to eat.

  • I may get angry sometimes in light of the various injustices in our world, just as I may also be happy, sad, concerned, overjoyed and experience many other perfectly human emotions in regards to the events around me and in my own life. Experiencing emotion is another sign of health. Likewise, channelling that energy into something positive, indeed to open other eyes out there to the various injustices in our world and learning how to solve them, is the goal of social change and can make one rest easier knowing that an injustice has been rectified.

  • I may get lonely from time to time, even in love. Loneliness is yet another healthy emotion. There is nothing wrong with being alone and usually that state of being is only temporary. Write a letter or (thank goodness for the Internet) going online and exploring your hobbies and interests and find a few fellow mutants along the way kills loneliness. Besides, loneliness, just like any other human emotion, won't kill you.

  • I do get tired often, especially when I have lived well. Being tired is normal when one has been quite active and lives a busy, healthy life. Take a break. It's time to recharge by reading a good book or two, writing some papers or just going to bed. You know how you like to relax as much as I know how to relax. Trust your intuition.

It gets even more twisted when the Twelve Steps are involved. The Steps are designed to make one slave to their addictive behavior and the cult which pushes such stepwork as a "treatment" for problematic addictive behavior.

The simply truth is that people get high to feel better! They're not lazy and diseased sinners or incapable of being honest just as they're not self-medicating due to "problems". The primary effect of recreational drugs is pleasure. And whether it's drunk, smoked, snorted, injected, or absorbed in general into the human body, that pleasure is easily had with a minimum of effort.

When one is faced with the choice between morose and monotonous meetings, idiotic and insensitive substance "abuse" counselors or that fun fix, it's no wonder that most people who are introduced to the idea of being "in recovery" will gladly go for the fix. When the person is feeling bad that person will naturally want to feel better. And, with the knowledge of that previous fix in mind and the pleasure it produces, no wonder untold millions are willing to risk life and limb for that fix. Couple that with the unproven disease mythology through which one is indoctrinated to believe that they're diseased for life then no wonder mortality rates are higher within 12-Step "treatment".


This is to regular stalking as "hate crime" is to regular crime: A complication which only serves to dish out highly misguided penalties in order to bring "closure" to special classes of victims and to further the erosion of the idea and practice of equal protection under the law. In this case it's not the crime which is politically motivated but the appeasement itself for the sake of not the victims' well being but of a movement which needs fresh victims for further exploitation to achieve its own ends.

Just as the vital democratic actions of womens' suffrage and racial desegregation of the civil rights movement has been hijacked by those who feel that there are some people out there who take offense to their self-disclosed and publicized sexuality or other private parts of their lives, the victims of mind control from destructive thought reform cults right on up to the United States' MK-ULTRA experiments are diminished by a movement based in outright paranoia and fantasy.

The anti-gangstalking movement is by far more sinister than the anti-hate crime movement. Preying off of already traumatized and compromised individuals, it perpetuates itself in an identical fashion as the recovery group movement. Using pseudoscience mixed with conspiracy theories and urban legends, it is an ideology based in the irrational belief of perpetual victimhood where the person never recovers because one will always be a "target" due to unknown forces or, in this case, unnamed other people. And, just like the recovery group movement, it does not possess any empirical evidence outside of its own anecdotal claims. It claims through circular reasoning that "gangstalking" or other permutations of that word ("street theater" and "e-harassment" are examples) is real because the true believers within the movement say so.

Also, this movement is simply the political opposite of the anti-hate crime movement: While the latter is largely left-wing in nature, the anti-gangstalking movement is virulently right-wing. The recent Terri Schiavo brouhaha exposed the movement's reactionary Rapethuglican politics through its own reaction to Schiavo's plight. With its ties to the militia and anti-abortion movements and Christian reconstructionism, the goal is to instill further paranoia and distrust with the United States' government so that the idea of a democratic government can be abolished and replaced with a theocratic system based upon their own interpretation of Christianity. Thus, the nonsensical beliefs of the anti-gangstalking movement are based in urban legend lore such as conspiracy theories, shadow governments and secret weapons designed for urban pacification. Irrational paranoia based in supernatural, paranormal and extraterrestrial claims are also prevalent in this movement.

Most of the claims made by the anti-gangstalking movement can be easily refuted simply for the fact that the burden of proof lies upon the person making the claims. Certainly with the availability of inexpensive consumer technology, digital cameras and digital voice recorders for examples, one can document these alleged behaviors (the gangstalking.mp4 video available through the website which claims to document "gangstalking" inadvertently documents the irrational paranoia of the anti-gangstalking movement). Illnesses resulting from urban pacification "weaponry" or various "ray guns" could be proven through double-blind controlled studies, provided the movement can present such existing weaponry as tangible examples of such technology to begin with so that such tests can be conducted. The reason why the participants don't perform such basic tasks in evidence collection is that there was never any evidence to begin with. Instead, to coincide with very weak proof-through-anecdotes, wide-ranging and overgeneralizing through stereotypes, very poor arguments ("such technology can exist"...easily debunked with, "but unless you have that equipment right here and now then it doesn't") and claims of some form of collective unnamed "they" always on the prowl are standard. It's the perfect example of the bandwagon fallacy: They all believe it's true therefore it must be true.

Finally, even criticism of the anti-gangstalking movement is considered a form of gangstalking. Indeed, this entire Article can be considered one elaborate stalking attempt with a history of "gangstalking behavior" due to my criticism of the claims made by and the general behavior of Donald Lee. Just as in A.A. where one is an "alcoholic" whether one denies it or not, one is a "gangstalker" whether they admit it or not. Take away all of the fanciful extroverted nonsense of the movement and all you have are a bunch of people who choose to not stake a legitimate claim in life. It becomes a clear cut case of the victimized becoming the victimizer or else the gravy train grinds to a halt and them begging for the "big bad government" to intervene on their own behalf to do for them what they claim they alone cannot do for themselves.

Isn't it ironic? Don'cha think?

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Last updated 2005/04/13

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