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Q: Is it possible that there is a cure for substance addiction?
A: Yes, and that cure exists!

And why not? When I listen to people state that "anything's possible" then could it be that there is a cure for substance addiction as well? No? Why? Just because a bunch of irresolute drunks claim it's not so just because of the fact that they choose to not recognize it outside of their sacred doctrine certainly does not make it a falsehood!

The cure has always been out there since the dawn of humankind: Personal responsibility through permanent planned abstinence. If your own substance use is causing you problems then you can learn how to KNOCK IT OFF! That poison isn't good for you and it's your choice to consume and to revel within the deeeeeeeep pleasure it conviently provides so that you feel better. Bear in mind that some people choose never to intoxicate themselves no matter what and naturally feel great! And besides, the deprivation of quitting a substance addiction once and for all isn't as bad as the pain of "quitting" actual physical disease (cirrhosis of the liver, lung disease, cancer, AIDS, etc.), fines, legal hassles, hospital bills, other expenses and crap which you certainly do not want.

The organization where I learned this powerful technique, Rational Recovery, has been in operation for nearly two decades. Rational Recovery only teaches one thing: How to permanently end substance addiction through brief instruction. This instruction is mercifully brief and it is ultimately up to you how little or how long it takes. Once you learn the technique, AVRTTM (Addictive Voice Recognition Technique), permanent lifetime abstinence becomes amazingly effortless! There are no meetings, rituals, prayers, religion, inventories, sponsors, deities or any other irrelevant "issues" to act as conditions pertaining to your abstinence. You live life afterwards on your terms one lifetime at a time with only one tiny change:

You NEVER intoxicate yourself.


Because You are a ethical, responsible and therefore MORAL person
who knows RIGHT (abstinence) from WRONG (intoxication)!

Only You can make that decision!
Nobody and nothing else can make that decision for You!

The decision to abstain then becomes a fully informed and moral decision: Self-intoxication is considered highly immoral behavior with severe consequences. All You do is to simply identify any thought, feeling or suggestion which supports continued consumption of the intoxicant as not you and NEVER give in to that demand.

You are human and support lifetime abstinence as well as possessing full control over Your skeletal and facial muscles. It, while it is a part of you, is less than human, unlike You, and wants to remain high, wired, loaded, ripped, fucked-up and shitfaced forever and can only appeal to You, though Your thoughts and feelings, to attempt to convince You to use Your muscles to get what It wants! It fears, and therefore struggles against the idea, of a life free from intoxication while You can and WILL LIVE that life! It is only along for the ride! You are not diseased while It wants You to believe so (with that thought in mind, GO re-read what's highlighted above in green again and you'll get the idea).

Got it? It's that simple!

What's interesting (or depressing, insulting, outrageous or any other appropriate adjective) is that the recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry, keep repeating the same lies that there is no cure and that the "treatment" consists of indoctrination into and lifetime attendance within XA 12-step meetings. To them the only alternative to its rather provincial and dogmatic way is "jails, institutions and death." They know that a majority of people do just that: They go it alone and make the decision to simply never intoxicate themselves again. Instead of engaging in beneficial full disclosure the cult willfully withholds all of that vital information pertaining to permanent abstinence. The ethics involved and encapsulated within Informed Consent and the Hippocratic Oath are woefully absent. It's through such actions that these charlatans are the ones who are causing so much harm to the tune of lives irrevocably harmed through an ever-growing addiction problem in America: A problem which they claim they have the sole answer to in the form of their mysterious theology.

No more mysteries! You have chosen to learn how to defeat that thing which has baffled you for so long. That is why you are here. Just as much as I was sick and tired of being sick and tired one night too many you chose to get in on the big secret which has been denied to you for so long. If I helped to point you in the right direction then so be it. You deserve full credit for liberating yourself.

Enough of my babbling. Let's get to the meat of AVRTTM! Click the text below to...


This will take you directly to the Rational Recovery website!
The page it will take you to is:
This is a FREE service! Spread the word around!

Afterwards you'll find more interesting items to explore not just from within The ARID Site but also upon the Rational Recovery website as well. Enjoy life one lifetime at a time and let me know how you do!


Originally written 2005/03/05
Last updated 2005/03/23 (added links to ethics files plus edited some text)

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