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Rational Recovery's "Pass-It-On" Video

Witness a public official (Dr. James Kohler, California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, standing in picture) state that permanent abstinence (quitting) within the RGM/ATI is "not gonna happen" in fully remastered audio and video!

This is the smoking gun that the RGM/ATI will NEVER show the world, much less any addicted person who wants to learn how to quit. An official for the system, caught on video, comes clean as to why there is no success rate cited within addiction treatment programs. Indeed, the system itself is proven unequivocally to be a pro-addiction scam since it states that quitting is "not gonna happen" within it! And these are taxpayers' and insurance companies' dollars at work, YOUR MONEY, funding this fraud.

The footage documents Dr. James Kohler, the director of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, claiming that there are ZERO abstinent outcomes expected from addiction treatment services. The footage to create this short clip was sold to Rational Recovery and filmed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. You won't believe what you see!

Fully remastered from the original DVD presentation from Rational Recovery itself, this brief video deserves to be seen EVERYWHERE! Download it here and "Pass-It-On"!


Download Links

Rational Recovery - Pass-It-On (DVDrip to VCD).mpg
Filesize: 15136KB
High-quality MPEG1 VCD video file.





Rational Recovery - Pass-It-On (VCD to LameXviD).avi
Filesize: 4117KB

Encoded with the open-source XviD MP4 video and Lame MP3 audio codecs. It's a smaller download but provides very good video quality. This serves as a nice technology demonstration of these newer MPEG codecs.





Rational Recovery - Pass-It-On (Floppy-sized LameXviD).avi
Filesize: 1180KB
It's a much smaller XviD/Lame file for floppy diskette distribution. It's lower quality due to the limited bandwidth that a smaller file requires.





Free WEB file storage courtesy of


(This comprises the public questioning of Dr. Kohler within the "Pass-It-On" video.)

QUESTIONER: Why doesn't the Caldata study -- which is for the treatment for drugs and alcohol, right?

KOHLER: Correct.

QUESTIONER: Why doesn't it cite any figures about a success rate with the actual treatment of alcohol or drugs? What would you consider a success?

KOHLER: Uh, abstinence.

QUESTIONER: For how long?

KOHLER: Permanent. Not gonna happen.

QUESTIONER: Not gonna happen?

KOHLER: Not gonna happen. Because if you look for someone who is diabetic, is there a cure for diabetes? No, it's maintenance for a disease that will always be with you.

QUESTIONER: You mean that...

KOHLER: So, you can expect someone with a chemical dependency problem will have slips at some time. We tell them that they have an incurable lifelong disease. That abstinence is a choice that they make one day at a time. Okay?


KOHLER: And our expectation is that, yes, that they stay clean and sober. But the reality is that that's not gonna happen.

Technical Information:

Using my expertise I captured the video from Rational Recovery's "Rational Recovery Defends the Untreatables" DVD (available for purchase from the Rational Recovery bookstore). And, for the sake of a clearer audiovisual presentation, I remastered the audio so that there is no background noise (I didn't bother to remove the bumping of the microphone, though). I then dumped the results into an MPEG1 VCD file for use as a master and also created a smaller reduced-bandwidth XviD/Lame-encoded downloadable video (the latter can fit on a formatted 1.44MB floppy). The latter is lower in quality not due to the codecs used (XviD and Lame are killer open-source codecs) but because I deliberately kept the bandwidth small so that the .AVI file would fit on a single floppy.

The video can be downloaded free of charge. Rational Recovery encourages the distribution of this video so feel free to download and "Pass-It-On" to others from E-mail to filesharing. Since this is a higher quality video release than what's on Rational Recovery's Welcome Page this will get far more play by fellow concerned individuals.

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Last updated 2007/02/09

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