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2008/11/09 - New Toll-Free Voicemail

Ever since the demise of I've been on the lookout for a new voicemail number. Just last week I found a solid provider it also allows the voicemail to be toll-free for callers. So it's all on me!

It also has a nice feature where I can actually upload my greeting. So I've decided to mix my own together using an old music track from a 1993 "Walkthroughs & Flybys" CD-ROM. It took me several takes to record my voice. It was a mouthful of text to recite but I think I nailed it. I had to use some timestretching to have the length of the voice message match the music but now my voice actually seems to match the tempo of the music (a high-tech motif taken from a 1992 ICL computer technology presentation which lends a sense of urgency and final optimism to the proceedings).

I'll be scanning some more documentation today for uploading klater tonight as part of The 12th Files so feel free to say "hello":

(800)871-9012 Ext. 46316#

Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

--Mark D. Baum

2008/10/25 - Five-Year Coin Acceptance Speech

Hello. My real name is Mark D. Baum and I am the Editor of The ARID Site. I was formerly a problem drinker years ago and, for maybe a few months somewhere between the Summer of 2003 and the end of 2004, I used to be a Real Alcoholic in A.A. A Real Alcoholic is nothing but a euphemism for being a True Believer in Bill'n'Bob's harmful dogmatic pro-addiction nonsense.

Since the Summer of 2007 I decided to do something no cowardly SCAAAMer could comprehend or even do for that matter: To return to the rooms and observe. And I wound up becoming a member of a Home Group and then becoming its Treasurer.

Today all of that will change. I decided to out myself and revealed in front of the whole room that I quit without any of Bill'n'Bob's nonsense. Oh, and I received my Five-Year Coin as well.

While I didn't get a chance to deliver the whole speech (I only wanted to focus upon a few select passages from it in the end detailing my own decision to quit and even that, without focusing on my criticism of William Griffith Wilson and just detailing my quitting), it was enough for them to get really pissed. So pissed, in fact, that the poor sots didn't have the courage to let me sign the greeting card for the speaker, not to mention tearing up printed copies of the full uncensored speech without examining its full contents that I placed around the room after the meeting. Oh, such a display of serenity! At least it will make for a new Article for my collection.

So right now, in my possession are all of the documents relating to the functioning of the Home Group. I had the foresight to save everything in .PDF format as I generated it for the Home Group so there are complete copies. In fact the actual paperwork is derived from those .PDF documents.

I also have information which is not in electronic format right now. But since I have this week off from work I will be taking that time in firing up my scanner and archiving it all in digital format. You name it and there's the good chance I have it: Financial information, coin distributions, incoming monetary contributions and various details of expenses plus much more. The "much more" part will be detailed and distributed online and to various authorities as I get everything archived, backed up and stored elsewhere in at least two very safe places.

As for my girlfriend that I met in 2007 that relationship ended in September of that year as she decided to resume her recreational drug use. And, in the face of someone who knows about her history, that is very embarrassing on her part due to her own lack of knowing right from wrong when her bad habit is concerned.

But that's okay. I found someone a bit more genuine who is not a part of A.A. at all. She's someone who can allow me to be myself and accept me for who I am. And, believe me, I've opened up completely to her and want no secrets to come between us. In fact I've decided to be quite open as of late and going as far as retiring my old nickname that I posted articles under.

A lesson I've learned: When you have the facts on your side then you have nothing to hide from. Let 'em come after me, provided they have the stones to do so (fat chance). And I'll be here just waiting for 'em to step into my snare.

It's funny. This year has been the best year of my life. I have discovered some very new and special friends who are not affiliated with the lame "Recovery" scene at all. I have even traveled outside of Pennsylvania to discover things which I found just truly awesome and met some genuinely gentle, open-minded and intelligent people: People who I consider to be some of my closest friends now. These awesome people make the zealots in A.A. a pale, lifeless counterfeit in comparison.

Anyway, the cure for closed-minded evil tyranny that breeds under the darkness of secrecy is to bring it to light. To expose it for the evil that it is. It's something that good people of moral conscience should do more often rather than cowering and hoping such tyranny would go away all by itself. And the best way to deal with such petty tyrants (bullies) is to expose them for the pathetic immoral or amoral weaklings that they truly are. Sometimes, if one has the right tools, they'll expose themselves without any extra work on your part.

Hey! It's subversive and fun! And right now I'm having a blast! The cult just blinked! And I was there to witness and document it.

Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

--Mark D. Baum

2007/05/31 - Emotional Bioterrorism

It's been a while. I've been engaged in my other projects which are much more interesting than writing page after page of recovery cult criticism. Add that plus a much-needed hiatus brought about by writer's block and thus instant delay in publishing.

Not to worry, though. A new Article is up which delves into the terroristic ways of any recovery cult. It was a last-minute essay but I felt it was good to blow off some more steam.

Finally, HUUUUUUUUGE props go out to Cindy Sheehan for standing up for integrity and bolting from the Degenerat Party. I can understand her plight 100% since I was betrayed as well. The only difference was that I bolted in the Summer of 2005 and, up to that moment, had nearly a decade invested in that waste of a so-called "opposition" party. Her plight served as inspiration for my Article.

Never let the bastards get you down. They're wrong. Never be afraid to tell the truth and to speak your mind for silence means compliance.

Writin' more soon...


2007/05/01 - I'm Still Here

I've been quiet on the web front for the last month or so. Nothing bad happened short of having some bears show up at the compound. Don't worry. I have the photos and there was no damage done. Just a visit from nature itself and the local media afterwards.

In fact I've been enjoying a new computer I bought since I upgraded a family member's PC. Their system was so sweet for the money (as in very inexpensive) that I had to get one for myself. And since it's it's hard but not impossible to find a new PC without Vista installed it was a great deal for killer hardware.

The new hardware will help in my video production hobby since the hard drive is quite spacious (300GB) and faster than my notebook's 30GB hard drive. The newer processor and that it's running dual-boot XP-Pro and Ubuntu Linux means it is running very efficiently. I recommend PowerSpec computers for anyone who wants some impressive hardware for a small amount of cash.

Anyhow, after I get my playtime out of my system as I test the limits of my new hardware I'll be making up for the lack of an Article last month. And yes I still have to get the Mailbag out (among other things).

Just think: My new hatrdware cost the equivalent of tossing a dollar into about 900 A.A. meetings (less meetings if you had a sponsor who insists that you pony up the price of a bottle of beer). And, since I will NEVER drink again my drinking tab which I never have anymore paid for the hardware. That's a few of the many benefits of not having to believe in William Griffith Wilson's lies. ;->

Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)


2007/03/11 - There Is No Gene

HBO is in full force spamming the banner advertising networks in promoting its "Addiction" series of lies. So another Article is now up in a meager effort to counter its lies. It's also a response to a line of inquiry from a SCAAAMer who was unwise to trust any of the lies of the RGM/ATI to begin with.

As my hobby progresses I have decided to bite the News Corporation-subsidised MySpace bullet and, because a friend of mine is on it, I decided to procure some 'Space and experiment with it accordingly. Thus, the beginning of The ARID Space and its companion blog.

Regarding the blog, quickly-published and timely items not needing a full Article to provide a full vivisection will be published there. Things such as brief thoughts, ideas or curiosities of a general nature will be posted. In fact, my initial criticism of HBO's "Addiction" is to be found there (especially an interesting observation about Micro$quish products).

Oh, and since it's hosted on MySpace, if you're down with the abolition of the RGM/ATI (despite the wishes of the SCAAAM) then, by all means, request to be a Friend. I'll evaluate and process your request accordingly. And, for the sake of Informed Consent, I recommend that you read up about MySpace via Wikipedia before you join.

Anyhow, I do have HBO's "Addiction" DVD on order for the sake of debunking it further. Since I've already debunked most of the major fallacies concerning addiction then tackling that Beast will be just as easy. And, since I'm an A/V geek, it may be in the form of an A/V podcast. It all depends on how fast I want to get the criticism out.

Anyhow, have a great weekend! :-)


P.S. Belatedly, my respect and condolences go out to the friends and family of Brad Delp (1951/06/12 - 2007/03/09). I've always liked the music of Boston and his voice will surely be missed. I regret that I've never bought a Boston album. I'll remedy that now.

2007/02/28 - The Downward Spiral

A new Article is up just in time for the closing of the month (looks like my publishing schedule is turning out to be at the end of the month...or whenever). This time I attempt to detail a key reason why ALL groupers in general tend to be a little flaky. I recommend you take most advice from groupers with a bit of apprehension and skepticism.

On an unrelated note, I've acquired some hardware that will allow me to digitize some old VHS videotapes into digital format. Since I've been honing my skills in my A/V hobby I decided to give it a shot. Other unrelated technical things here at the compound is that I will NEVER use Micro$quish WinBlows Asta'la'vista. In fact I've been weaning myself off of Microsoft products and moving towards Linux (definitely check out the Ubuntu releases). And, since I use for my office software needs and Firefox for my web browsing (okay, I actually use the older Mozilla Suite for browsing, HTML editing and E-mail...though I will make the move to SeaMonkey eventually...but I still like AOLPRESS though), the move to Linux is simply another beneficial progressive step in the right direction.

So, for my next trick, I will show people how to free themselves of Micro$quish dependency. ;-> Anyhow, see y'all in March as I go on the move with more unbridled and aggressive criticism against the entire RGM/ATI.


2007/02/09 - Outing A.A.

While performing some site mantainence (I might as well update the logos with the .ORG URL for The ARID Site) I decided to also add an introduction to the Articles section. I'm in the middle of prepping my site to be moved to a new server so I might as well get some of the preliminary work out of the way.

Also, due to an interesting E-mail I received, I decided to kick off yet another Activism section for the sake of outing two-hatters who recruit while on the public dole. While I am in the middle of prepping the next Mailbag for publication I decided to at least expose what some Atlantic County, New Jersey citizens' taxes are paying for.

More will be revealed... ;->


2007/01/31 - Can The DSM Be Wrong?

While gearing up in my presentation of additional research I just had to take a swipe at the DSM. Thus, another Article has made the cut. I've been accused as not being open-minded at times (I really have to publish my next Mailbag). So, I might as well turn the tables and ask: "If one were open-minded then certainly one would be open to the idea that the whole basis for the diagnosis of substance addiction can be wrong as well. Right?"

Also, during December of last year I acquired a snail-mail P.O. box and a voicemail number. They are detailed upon my Mailbag page so feel free and let 'er rip.

The main reason why updates have been slow is that I'm teaching myself how to shoot, chop, cut and throw video around. And the interesting part is that I've limited myself to low-to-no-budget tools. So far the effort is paying off in my experimentation (the video editing software cost only $20 and was purchased in 2004, the audio component of which I used to remaster the audio for the "Pass-It-On" video).

Anyhow, they'll be more surprises and more dirt as I dig in deep into the dirty details of the SCAAAM itself. The aforementioned Article is just a small piece of that puzzle.

Oh, and please do visit if you feel that something is amiss regarding that profession. You're not crazy. The system is insane!


P.S. A special shoutout goes out to UPMC. On January 18, 2007 @ 14:13:56 in the afternoon, a user at attempted to search for Rational Recovery meetings in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area (of self-promotional note: The ARID Site is at the TOP of that search list at the time of that search). The good news regarding addiction is that anyone can quit without shrinks, rehabs, cult religion or especially meetings. Thus, there are NO R.R. meetings ANYWHERE! My recommendation is that the curious person at UPMC should visit and study R.R.'s Crash Course on AVRT. They simply summed up how anyone quits their addiction (as a former smoker who quit over a decade ago, I can vouch for it since I quit without it and found that they distilled that vital knowledge into a very brief educational format).

2007/01/12 - "Not Gonna Happen" in the prospect of quitting within the RGM/ATI. And that's not my opinion but of a high-level insider within it (this time it isn't Vailliant). And the person was caught on video in case you don't believe it.

Thus, a new Activism page in which I present a personally-remastered high-quality presentation of Rational Recovery's "Pass-It-On" video. And, best of all, you can download it in high-quality MPEG1 VCD and XviD/Lame formats.

The idea of me presenting this video in a higher-quality format initially originated from my days when I used to participate within the SCAAAM's E-mail online forums. At the time I didn't find any suitable A/V codecs which could do the job at presenting very good quality video in a reduced-bandwidth format. So it was one of those things which was placed on the back burner.

Larer on, I found some free file space providers, some killer A/V codecs, moved up from dialup to DSL and went from there. Now, the end results are available not just for immediate download but I've provided links where one can easily share the files via filesharing networks. To sweeten the deal I even created a transcript of the incriminating part of the video.

So, if you have a website and want to do something, download that video. Watch it. Think about it. Share it with your friends, loved ones and anyone who wants to quit. It just proves my case, laid out within my numerous Articles, that it's all just a pro-addiction swindle.

Big HUUUUUUUUGE props to Jack Trimpey and his crew at Rational Recovery for the video. :-) This video will come in handy for some more items I'm publishing online. ;->


2006/12/31 - Plight Of A Former Grouper

Despite minor technical difficulties (I simply needed to reset my DSL modem by unplugging and plugging the power back all is well) I'm ending the year of 2006 with a double-shot:

A quick new Article, essentially summarizing the truth all one needs to know about quitting and about the frauds out there who will do their part to talk people out of quitting for good, is online. It isn't much but it'll do (how many ways can I state that the entire RGM/ATI is a fraud?). It's just a quickie to cleanse my palate as I get even more aggressive in exposing more lies in '07.

Also, a new addition to The 12th Files: The long-awaited list of A.A. Front Groups that also features excerpts from Chas Bufe's "Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult Or Cure" and Ken Ragge's "The Real AA". It may not seem like much but it is going to be a work in process. It did, however, take the time to make the links in Bufe's footnotes work and link to his own cited sources so that's worth some time browsing. What's there should provide a much-needed springboard to anyone who was wondering about potential connections between the Buchmanites and the SCAAAMers.

There's other work I have on deck so this is a great way for me to end the old year and kick off the new year. So, for those who may get pinched this holiday season, don't believe the lies.

Have a happy, productive and safe 2007! :-)


2006/12/10 - Orange Todschweigen Mail

Realizing that it's been a couple of months since I left a placeholder for that part of the Mailbag page, I decided to kick it off by including a very lengthy and detailed unanswered mail to Secret Agent Orange.

Likewise, with the brownouts occurring at The Orange Papers I've decided to also add eD2k filesharing links that point to the May 2004 mirror files of his website. And no, the brownouts aren't occurring because of a vast Buchmanite gangstalking conspiracy. The Big O. simply forgot to pay his bills, much less never optimized his own website for high-traffic considerations.

(For a $25/hr rate I can reorganize and optimize his site...but first, show me the money...)

There's more Todschweigen Mail to come and more research I'm publishing this week which, if you're not convinced by the vast fraud of the Buchmanites and their cowardly SCAAAMer apologists, will certainly convince even the most diehard nutjobs out there (well, maybe not, but I remain optimistic of that possibility).

Anyone can quit an addiction for good. That's a fact. :-)


2006/12/09 - The Fraud Of Peele

It's been over a month (again) but that hasn't stopped my work.

In the midst of playing catch up (yes, I know I'm a few months behind on presenting that list of A.A. front groups) I've been collaborating with a couple of people who were harmed by the Synanon I was tortured within. So a lot of my typing was dedicated into documenting more atrocities of that place for an upcoming website.

In the meantime, just to show that I am beginning to un-endorse some of the books listed upon my Book page, I've decided to liberate a quick review of Peele's book "The Truth About Addiction and Recovery" from a previously-penned Article. So, if anyone is surfing around they'll find the review first.

An interesting note about the hypocrisy of Peele: Here's a guy who has also debunked the disease mythology of addiction yet refuses to condemn an organization which openly embraces the disease mythology; an entity known as Lindesmith. The only reason I can see for that continued allegiance would be for the sake of professional cred, integrity be damned.

The telling quote is offered by Robert Newman, a long-time methadone maintenance advocate (jargon translated as: someone who advocates further chemical dependency as the "treatment" for heroin addiction) from Peele's website:

"...hell, it would cheapen greatly the meaning of the Lindesmith Award which [Peele] and [Robert Newman] both received..."
Can I ever get off methadone?,

But then, what more can one expect from ANYONE who never was addicted or never even quit their addiction (believing and promoting most of the disease/treatment nonsense along the way)? As far as the facts are concerned, Lindesmith was damaged goods to begin with.

And what do the SCAAAMers have to say about that?

Actually, they won't respond knowing full well that their ruse is being exposed further and it's easier for them to remain quiet and not get involved in any controversy (despite that SCAAAMers claim to be against Buchmanism). Anyone can quit ANY addiction once and for all by simply never engaging in that problem behavior ever again. What complicates the problem is the politically-correct AAmerican falsehood that people need treatment for quitting is so hard!

It's complete rubbish. But then, for those reading this, y'all knew that. ;->

Peele doesn't know what he's talking about despite his academic credentials; credentials that, in the end, mean dick. He simply doesn't know how to quit.


2006/11/01 - Gaslighting Laura

Another month. Another article. This time this is one from my diskette'o'drafts of stuff I was going to present elsewhere. In this case, an Article about the gaslighting trickery of the United States' social services system.

Originally, this was going to serve as the basis for a contribution to an E-mail discussion forum regarding how to make someone crazy. However, the more I learned about the SCAAAM the more I felt that such submissions would be a waste of time and ASCII regarding such forums. So this sat on my diskette mostly finished.

I consider it to be a more detailed version of my own dealings with "special education" and being a childhood prisoner of a Synanon-based facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known now as Craig Academy. And, tragically enough, is the basis for most addiction treatment scams out there. Put the two together and one can envision a system where human beings may wind up dealing with from childhood to the grave.

Anyhow, the title of the Article is based upon a funky little tune from Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature" album. Likewise, it's a song which subversively details how to drive someone insane. (As I was creating the links I noticed that there's a special right now on their Citizen Steely Dan box set which contains ALL of their tracks from '72-'80 for around $40 so lay down a couple of Jacksons on that while you can. I have that set and it is definitely a keeper.)

There's more to come here on The ARID Site. Have a great life! :-)


2006/10/07 - The Definition Of Quitting Addiction

Yegads! It's another Article! :-) The reason is quite simple: Nowhere did I find upon either Buchmanite or SCAAAMer sites was a working definition on what quitting is. Conversely, to coincide with the big secret on how to quit is a very concise description of what addiction really is. That part of the Article only takes up a few paragraphs and is 100% accurate and true, from one quitter (myself) to one who wants to know how to quit.

From there on I ponder why any of these so-called activists within the SCAAAM, much less the professionals and bootlickers of the RGM/ATI in general, didn't catch on. The more I thought about it the more I realized how right Jack Trimpey was in kicking the professional know-nothings out of Rational Recovery and disbanding the RRSN.

They know not what they do for they don't know how to quit! And yet it's the logical outcome of any group where exploitation is the norm for the sake of the group's own survival. Or, in this case, the entire social services system. But then what important information can one receive from irresolute drunks or junkies? The REAL information on how to quit any addiction can be found from a quitter. No wonder the social services system is so screwed up and why the system doesn't have any stats on abstinence rates!

Anyhow, there's more to come. Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time. And avoid ALL addiction recovery groups like the plague for that is what they are.

P.S. A special shout out to captaincake @ at the Heroin Detox forum for giving out a link to my September '06 Article (detailed next).


2006/10/02 - How To Survive Coerced A.A.

Lately I've been experimenting with other electronic dodads and knickknacks for my computer. In particular I've been enjoying my vast CD collection on my MP3 player. So I've been ripping and experimenting.

Also I've been checking out The eMule Project. Compared to the lame P2P I used to use, this is as cutting edge as it gets. Search for some of Secret Agent Orange's files there sometime. Magnet links will be converted to eD2k links soon. To me it's the shareware concept for music (or any other file for that matter): Download to check out those obscure groups and if you like the music buy the original CD's.

Since I was so busy having fun I forgot to update this news page in regards to the new Article online. It's a document containing some practical advice for those who are coerced into the rooms which, oddly enough, I've never seen on those other SCAAAM sites. So here it is upon this ruthlessly independent endeavor of mine.

Anyhow, as I twist the knife some more into that tortured animal known as the RGM/ATI, I'll be exposing some more facts which the RGM/ATI (yes, that includes the SCAAAM) denies to exist. All of this is provided under the aegis of Informed Consent so that those who wonder about those other organizations (yes, I was fooled too) won't get SCAAAMed.

Now, to improve upon my update schedule so that this isn't relegated to be a once-a-month affair. Take care and keep it real. And, if you have a drinking or drug problem then QUIT! :-)

P.S. I must be doing something right. All I get is praise. Am I that dead-on? ;->


2006/08/31 - Missed Opportunities

It may have appeared that there was some more downtime here at the compound yet again. I'm just enjoying what's left of the summer, caught a spammer and got a new Article ready.

Who would've thought that Melanie Solomon, author of "AA Not The Only Way" would be so stupid as to not research the E-mail she sends? Since no spammer can be trusted, she has opened herself up to getting placed within the list and has a set of Links dedicated to her: CAVEAT EMPTOR

There's more data I'm going to work on. A dataset in particular is a listing of A.A.'s front organizations which do the dirty work of disseminating the propaganda of that cult. Likewise there's also some more data which Secret Agent Orange pointed me towards which filled out my own stats on A.A, regarding its membership profile. So, on top of everything else (including my day job) I'm quite busy.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! :-)


2006/07/12 - Moby Mailbag

Consider this more than just a queue clearing. Even in the midst of sporadic site updates I was busy writing replies to some of the E-mail The ARID Site receives. So here's a huge dose of reading material in the form of a Mailbag.

Also, consider this a promise fulfilled regarding yet another exposure of the so-called "Anti-A.A." movement as the sham that it is with a special guest appearance by the Black Helicopter (tinBH) crowd.

Speaking of frauds, if you are tired of spam and MMF/cult nonsense definitely check out the Make Money Fast Hall Of Humiliation: It'll help you to rediscover your moral fiber and to laugh at the various frauds out there. Learn how to trace spam E-mail and LART lamers.

It's a part of my Links page so it's definitely worth a look.

More will be written in the coming days. Have fun! :-)


2006/07/08 - Debunking Denial

After another brief hiatus (a new account increased the workload at my place of employment, draining my energy in the process), a new Article is up. The capsule summary: "The idea of any addicted person being in denial is pure rubbish." (The irony is that the recovery group movement/addiction treatment industry denies a lot of obvious facts.)

There's more information I have to publish, especially a Mailbag which is composed of the last six months of E-mail that I've replied to. So this update is brief.

Have a happy and safe weekend! :-)


2006/06/27 - Enjoying The Summer

It looks like I'm back into my end-of-the-month update schedule. I've been enjoying the weather until it started raining like crazy. So I took advantage of that time to enjoy some long walks to burn off some pounds.

Between the last update and now, former police officer (he recently retired) S. Garry Nowak submitted a new file which is now within The 12th Files to augment his excellent "Alcoholism: The Volitional Disease" essay. He also E-mailed me his appreciation although, I must admit, with my job at work I can be quite formal within my E-mail communications. With the weather being as nice as it was the update to the ARID News page fell by the wayside.

I may even help him set up his own website so that he can get an extensive research paper he wrote on substance addiction self-published. He's an excellent person to know and I'm honored to have conversed with him via E-mail (it's about time for a Mailbag update anyhow).

So, as with Secret Agent Orange and his new feathered friends, my time was just spent chillin' with the sunny weather, the cats and exit-counseling some newcomers out of the recovery group movement. Life is awesome. :-)

Then it rained. A lot. The creek which runs alongside the dr.bomb compound overflowed its banks and left a nice mess (nothing was destroyed on the homestead, though...sorry Buchmanites).

Anyhow, I'm going to spend some time getting another Article up to at least make it look like The ARID Site has some sort of an online publishing schedule.

I hope your summer is a happy, healthy and productive one. Mine is so far. :-)


2006/05/18 - The Uselessness Of Addiction Treatment (Illustrated)

Again, my own life intrudes upon the updating of The ARID Site. It's a good thing because that proves there's more to life than just kvetching about the corrupt system of social cultism mistakenly known as addiction "recovery".

In my case a friend of mine was "thisclose" to getting really involved in a commercial cult known as Amway/Quixtar. With a little bit of intuition on my part, indeed looking before I leapt, I educated myself about that other nasty cult and got the word out to my friend concerning the danger within it (being a slave for zero pay within a cult "carrying the message" is not a life worth living).

If you know of friends and/or family involved in Amway/Quixtar I highly recommend downloading and reading Merchants Of Deception. Heck, even if you don't know anyone yet have been attempting to heal from the wounds of recovering from 12-Step cultism it is worth reading.

In the meantime I found something from deep within my archives which merits publication as an Article unto itself. From the mind of Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee is an excellent illustration of how irrelevant addiction treatment (especially those meaningless meetings in ALL forms) is.

Sometimes a few illustrations speak thousands of words. Enjoy and I hope no other crisis distracts me from my duties here. :-)


2006/04/05 - The REAL Pittsburgh A.A. FAQ

According to the NCADD, April is "Alcohol Awareness Month".

And no, I didn't sell out. ;->

In an effort to get more information about the REAL A.A. out into the open I visited the Pittsburgh A.A. website and found its FAQ to be very inadequate. So, in an effort to retool plenty of the information upon The ARID Site into a more focused form, the latest Article is worth a read for those who are new in relation to A.A. or are concerned about its dangerous nature and want more information about it in a more palatable form.

This Article is so important that this month I made a direct link to it from the frontdoor (Frey has been played...out). I also plan on condensing it into the form of a .PDF pamphlet later for quick & dirty distribution. Finally, because it is that month, I will also create a similar Article this month which also takes the national A.A.'s Q&A section to task (I still owe y'all one Article). So let's take back the month and make April "A.A. Awareness Month"! ;->

As for Donald Lee, known online predator, that FAQ alone should definitely be read by his Buchmanite ass.

Happy A.A. Awareness Month! Save a life! Learn and spread the TRUTH about A.A.! :-)


2006/03/10 - The Saga Continues...

After six months, Donald Lee a.k.a. RationalDL gets a wild hair, searches the 'net for his nick and winds up sending me E-mail. Thus, celebrating the six-month anniversary of its creation, a new page has been added which details the fracas of "rational" DL vs. dr.bomb. Folks, it ain't pretty watching the wolf step out of its sheep's clothing as the truth is revealed: Donald Lee is a Buchmanite.

So truck on over to the Options page and check out the Caveat Emptor section. Aww...heck. Just go to Part 2 right now! You'll NEVER see that person in the same light again. I'm sure you'll have your own questions for him as well.

And for newcomers who are new to the 12-step-free list where Lee is a frequent poster, I offer this link which jumps right to the warning at the end of Part 2.

And, as an anniversary of sorts, this date marks the first anniversary of my first Article on this site. I consider it to be a mere rant as opposed to my later work. I still feel that it needed to be said (not to mention that the picture in that Article is priceless). Anyhow, I have another Article to post for this month to make up for the lack of one in the previous month.

When you get right down into the wacky world of the recovery group movement and its numerous apologists, morons who will steer the addicted who want to quit away from quitting for good. This isn't for the clients' benefit but the apologists' own personal agenda. Concerning those facts, there's always something to be said...and done.

Ciao for now! :-)


2006/03/07 - Self-Recovering From Child Abuse

Thanks to mandatory overtime during my pharmesutical-distributing day job and a nasty dose of the flu my next Article release was delayed. That doesn't mean I've stopped writing. I'm still talkin' and will keep doing so.

The Article, now available, details the folly of child abuse and offers plenty of clues as to how its aftermath can be defeated once and for all. As someone who was abused as a child by the therapeutic state I offer plenty of insight. Admittedly, I had to re-edit it substantially in order to hold back some personal information for such information has nothing to do with defeating that self-doubt. Interestingly enough, that very self-doubt is identical to that for substance addiction. And is just as easily killed once one knows the game.

Oh, my website is over a year old! There are plenty of pages, graphics and all independently produced using oldskool tools. And the visits keep on coming. So there is plenty more that I have to say about how to free oneself from not just substance addiction but also from the very system which perpetuates it through its pro-addiction meetings and "treatment". And I'm on the lookout for a new server and the time to convert the pages.

Now if I can get a breather from my day job (mandatory overtime is rough yet pays well) I can do a better job at maintaining my site. And that's the best part of ending a substance addiction: You have much more money in your pocket to invest in other activities or just to invest. Capitalism rocks!

So, until next time (certainly not over month later like this time)...


2006/02/02 - Freyed Knot

Q: So, will the apologists sever their ties with someone who has proven to be completely unreliable when fact checking was finally employed against their work?

A: 'fraid not.

Thus the mass media fallout ensues over James Frey's falsehoods within his book, A Million Little Pieces. I knew I was going to end up adding more entries upon the CAVEAT EMPTOR page within the Options section but I never knew that Frey would be one of those entries. Then again, within the Wild West of the Pecos known as the free marketplace of ideas, anything goes. I'm learning to expect the unexpected.

While it's not up to par with my other Articles it was worth me spending a couple of hours today after work, from start to finish, putting it together. Likewise, since it shoots from the hip, I expect that it will piss plenty of people off. Oh, it has TONS of weblinks too.

James Frey, you are busted. Oh, you are soooooooo busted!

Now I'll have to recuperate for a day or so just so that I can refill my pixelated poison pen. As I said earlier, "So many lies, so little time." So I might as well get that aggression going right now.

Have a great life! Enjoy every moment! :-)


2006/01/31 - The "Most Addictive" Drug Nonsense

It's been a month While I've been away from my keyboard performing research on the atrocity known as "special education" (I thank Stanton Peele and his book, Diseasing Of America, for leading me to an important book on the subject) which led me away from my duties maintaining The ARID Site. I found my assertions confirmed within a previous Article which debunked the lie known as "attention deficit disorder" (among other lies).

Anyhow, I was researching the exaggerations of how addictive nicotine is and, in the process of doing so, not only did I get sidetracked but caught Stanton Peele lying. Anyhow, read the latest Article and weep. "Coulda been uh contenda..." Learn also how I quit smoking well before I ever heard of Rational Recovery and Jack Trimpey. Witness as someone sees through the hype and lack of substance bolstering the hype of addictive substances.

Finally, I've been active on and taking care of some business and expanding my presence. I have also been settling some old scores. So yes I do have a life outside of this mess known as the addiction field. So many lies, so little time. Makes you long for a little rigorous honesty, huh? Well, you're in the right place.

So it's been a busy month. Maybe next month I'll channel some of that business back here. :-)


2006/01/01 - Happy New Year!

As I start evaluating the "alternatives" further I have made my most recent Article my official position regarding those other organizations: They are nothing more than apologists of a failed system. So I have added a disclaimer notice on the Options page reflecting that fact. I will be taking the time in being as thorough in evaluating them as I was in debunking Buchmanism a.k.a. the Twelve Step religious cult ideology.

The position of me and The ARID Site has now been simplified: Anyone can end an addiction a.k.a. a bad habit once and for all by harnessing their own native human stubbornness to NEVER engage in that activity ever again. Recognize the self-doubt as a mere remnant of your old behavior and disregard it accordingly for you are a healthy person. It WILL pass. Any org which complicates that matter with junk science should be ruled as suspect and NEVER to be trusted. The religious/medical/psychological models of addiction are 100% bunk.

It's taking simple engineering to its best K.I.S.S. form: Keep It Short and Simplified. So as I welcome in the New Year I might as well learn how to harness Occam's Razor like The Green Destiny.

Keeping it real. Real simple. ;->


2005/12/31 - The Invertebrates Known As "Alternatives"

So much for updates in December. I was sidelined for a couple of weeks due to a bad cold which robbed me of much energy. Couple that with a year-end pharmesutical rush at work and you have a combination for plenty of delays. It was in the middle of the month that I decided to unsubscribe from 12-Step-Free.

While incapacitated I thought long and hard about the so-called "alternatives" and realized the truth: They are nothing more than a redundant addition to instill the fallacy of "choice" while legitimizing the disease mythology. Thus, a year-ending Article of mine which exposes the apologetic nonsense of the "alternatives".

The truth about addiction and recovery is this: You can either keep engaging within the same behavior of self intoxication or you can KNOCK IT OFF! That is the be all and end all, the alpha and the omega, the heart of the matter laid bare. It is such a common-sense insight that the bootlicking apologists of the "alternatives" will label this as a sign of zealotry and closed-mindedness on my part. It's that simple: You can quit or you can continue. Nothing more and nothing less.

Finally, just as I have examined the Twelve Steps and realized the obvious that there is no Step which offers the simple advice of KNOCKING IT OFF, I will now view the "alternatives" in the same light by also examining their own ideologies. Let's just say that 2006 will be a much more aggressive year for The ARID Site.

So I hope your New Year is a very productive one. And, if you're making a New Year resolution which involves quitting smoking, drinking or any other form of recreational drug use, make that commitment to quit once and for all. Go "all in" and never look back. Recognize that self-doubt afterwards as the mere "hangover" from choosing to live life free from addiction and you'll do fine. And remember to avoid ALL recovery groups like the plague.

See y'all in 2006! :-)


2005/11/26 - Sample .PDF Brochure Online

As I continue to play catch-up I have added a new page to the Activism section. For newcomers who don't know what Twelve-Step does NOT provide, the debut brochure distills the essence of "The Pro-Addiction Swindle" Article into a portable format. Download, print and distribute. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

This project also shows that can be used for basic desktop publishing work. For people who can't afford to spend money for the latest version of PageMaker then this software can fill that need for basic DTP...for free.

When I find more time I'll create more .PDF Brochures. Enjoy!


2005/11/24 - Stupid Buchmanite Nonsense

As we begin the holiday season, bookended with one binge of food to the closing of the season with a drunken binge, I have been busy playing catchup with necessary housework. So while it appears that The ARID Site has been down, it's only because I've been out and away from my equipment so that I can get those chores done.

That doesn't mean that I've been neglecting my anti-addiction duties and Buchmanism-awareness activities. I've been lurking within 12-Step-Free and EFTCoaa and noticed some strange behavior based upon residual Buchmanite programming by some of the participants. I've also been lurking and digging into the dark side of the anti-gangstalking movement and found myself confirming my own suspicions in the process.

So, in an effort to clear up a bunch of lies courtesy of the therapeutic state, I decided to create a quick new Article debunking the Stupid Buchmanite Nonsense of ADD/ADHD, "self-medication" (as in, "I'm not drinking...I'm self-medicating"), being "in recovery" and gangstalking. I'm probably going to catch some heat on this but what good is running and maintaining a website if you don't generate some controversy?

I've also been fine-tuning my .PDF brochures which serve as an antidote to AAWS's propaganda. Tomorrow I'll have a prototype page available upon the Activism part of The ARID Site and over the weekend I'll post a couple more .PDF's. I also got some ink stamps to promote, a dollar bill tracking site, and have been finding that to be an interesting little diversion.

Finally, thanks to a link from, I found a great book online, "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do" by the late Peter McWilliams, which does capture the essence of personal freedom which I embrace. Some of my time was taken up as I found myself reading it chapter-by-chapter, not unlike when I received the full copy of Chris Largen's "Junk" via E-mail from the author himself in .PDF format and reading his entire book in one day (I later bought the book from ENC Press to send a few bucks his way). McWilliam's book is far larger than Largen's and is proving to be quite an enlightening read.

Anyhow, after being fed and refreshed, I'll leave you for a few hours so that you can enjoy all of the content. Happy holidays!


Choose Reality


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