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Todschweigen Mail

Occasionally I respond to various pieces out there out of genuine concern for those who want to quit their addictions being misled by the various charlatans out there. Sometimes the insight is so much that those who are criticized make believe that the exchange never occurred.

Dr. Jeffrey Schaler described this phenonenon within his 12-Step Horror Story as Todschweigen:

"I then decided to place the situation in the court of public opinion. I posted all correspondence about this situation on my web site, and titled it "Todschweigen [a German word meaning "death by silence"] at Chestnut Hill College." It's a way of shunning people by just not responding to them."
-- Dr. Jeffrey A. Schaler, "An AA Inquisition", pp. 159 12-Step Horror Stories

Various Todschweigen Mail:
2006/03/04 Secret Agent Orange...unanswered!
2006/08/20 Menalnie Solomon fails to answer for her spam.

More examples of this form of cowardice coming soon!

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E-mail policy: If I feel it's outrageous enough in an informative sense I'll publish it at my own discretion.

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