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Go to WHERESGEORGE.COM and add information to track the bill's whereabouts then PASS IT ON!

Were you led here by a dollar bill with WWW.THEARIDSITE.ORG written or stamped on it?
If you're in "recovery" or active addiction then

Read some news about ARID, the truth about A.A. and addiction!

This is a simple no-budget campaign to spread the word about The ARID Site one dollar at a time. The inspiration came about while browsing the currency tracking site, "Where's George" and a twisted thought came into play: "What if someone places snide comments of A.A. along with the URL for The ARID Site and track it?"

So occasionally I'll find URL's for The ARID Site in a margin on a dollar bill. I wonder how the Buchmanites react with some of their own commentary when they visit and post their notes upon "Where's George". It would be funny if a few of these ended up within their baskets. I'll bet a few already did wind up there.

NOTE: I don't advocate that anybody should start promoting The ARID Site this way. However I can't stop anyone who decides to do it.


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