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Irresolute Drunken "Wisdom"

Thursday, March 10, 2005 - dr.bomb


An irresolute drunk nicknamed "Sweetass" celebrating his 62nd "Drunkday"

What possible examples of dignity, wisdom and/or helpful and insightful philosophy can one gleam from an irresolute drunk?

Most of society regards A.A. as a benevolent organization which helps people quit drinking. When my problems with alcohol outweighed that high I thought that I could learn from them that one thing which would change my life: The secret on how to quit drinking and stay quit for good.

The only advantage of a daily reprieve of making the decision to only abstain "Just For Today" is that one can drink tomorrow! Maybe even drink a fifth at the twenty-fifth "happy" hour! What a deal! Likewise when these tentatively "sober" drunks do make that decision to drink the only thing they have to lose is "Time"...that is, if they are "Rigorously Honest" and confess that fact at a meeting anyhow. Besides "relapse" is a normal part of the "disease" of "alcoholism"! It's perfectly normal and is accepted. And, as it is said, acceptance is the solution to most problems...

...and it's all pure Bill$hit!

NONE of these people have resolved their drinking. They keep that option open should their fickle sadistic fascistic authoritarian "God" of theirs decide to give them their wills back. And yet these chronic bingers believe they are the sole authority on how to stay off the sauce for any duration of time?

There are two types of these wet-brained advice-shilling irresolute drunks:

1) The "I can control it" and "You better pray to God for courage to quit" pseudo-religious shill: It's interesting that most of the drunks I've found are of this type. They are a living mockery to monotheism which begs the question: "How many of these wonderful credits to the human race have convinced their offspring through their actions to seek a secular lifestyle?" Is it any wonder why their kids drink? Talk about confusion! If it wasn't for these rocket scientists then there wouldn't be groups with infantile, and just as confused, names such as Adult Children of Alcoholics (for you adult "kids" here's some oldskool advice which will save you hours of "issues": GROW UP AND LEAVE!)

2) The typical A.A. oldtiming shill: They're the same as the first type but now they believe that they have "The Answer" as dictated by "Saint" Wilson. Instead of realizing what assholes they became while boozing they develop a new addiction: An addiction to power! There's nothing like these "frequent flyers" who claim to have all of that experience and that precious Time and calling them on their Bill$hit just to watch them explode.

If there's denial being practiced it's definitely by these self-righteous hypocritical, and downright dangerous, buffoons.

The fact is that these Buchmanites have nothing left in their lives worthy from their own efforts. The only thing they aspire to is to attempt to validate their unsupportable and irrational positions by attempting to convert others to their beliefs. This cult indoctrination technique is also known in Robert J. Lifton's words as the "psychology of the pawn."

These Buchmanites killed off their humanity a long time ago. Their "spiritual intoxication" is nothing more than hanging around similarly-minded oppressors and feasting within the fresh flesh! They are, in Jack Trimpey's words, "a pack of Beasts." I would also add rabid to that description since it appears to be a highly virulent meeting-borne pathogen which metastasises immediately starting with the first bite. These things see the fresh meat and can't help but to pounce upon it for the lack of power, much less the admission of powerlessness, within their own lives. It's the predatory "gift" which keeps giving and, since the newcomers and "normies" don't understand, get away with it...all in God's name!

If anything never trust anyone who claims that they're powerless, much less someone who keeps getting drunk! Why would anyone accept advice from such losers is even beyond even me. Just look, listen, snicker and laugh it off. They're neither worth your time nor your life. Oh yeah, since they're in such a Godly praying mood, suggest to them that they "pray for brains" and KNOCK IT OFF!

Last updated 2005/03/10

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