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Horror Story #2:

Supportive Services Gangsterism - RationalDL


The following story was submitted early in the history of The ARID Site by someone who has now proven himself to be an online predator. The evidence of Donald Lee's current activities and Twelve Step bootlicking is detailed here.

I have been to the 12 step horror site. MY story is there by link. I have made some heavy allegations against NA, with specific members acting in complicity with, other members of A.A. with their roots of A.A. origins, within the 12 step oriented therapeutic community's shelter system, at which I visited and was once considered a friend, although I lived in another building, in my old Westchester County neighborhood. (see [Link removed. --Ed]) I also alleged that staff of a local rehab hospital's sleep deprivation and research unit were involved at a later time, in a self styled program used to inflict emotional, and mental injury, not to mention on the job harassment. This went even further in the community, to the point where I had to be admitted to a physical Rehabilitation Center, where I met up with mora A.A. connected individuals, who again participated in an ongoing harassment, which further inflicted physical pain, and emotional duress.

As I moved into alternative areas of Recovery things got worse. The 12 step loonies have taken over the asylum and are in many positions in County Employ. I am alleging that as a precaution against further exposure, and for the good of every 12 stepper, and for the peace and sanctity of the for profit businesses surrounding recovery, I was set up, pointed out on more than one occasion, and targeted for violence, which involved an automobile accident. When the attempt failed, the commitment was passed on. I am stating that this harassment in various ongoing and daily forms followed me right into the state education systems, with the full knowledge of the political network involved there.

Today I have to deal with the ongoing harassment, and realize that part of this involves a lot of aspects in and around the supportive services ares, not the least of which is similar to the synanon game, or hanging signs on the targeted individual. As the beginning of the end of 12 step coercion, the root beginnings and connections here in NYC and its harassment teams, to A.A. and NA should never be forgotten.

* * *

I am glad to be a part of , and to find another anti coercion site. There aren't enough of them around, and there isn't enough media coverage when cases are made. My situation I have given up on my site. These allegations deal with the bulk of my 12 step, and supportive services for profit community coercion. Genuine coercion, involves threats, and violence. My story shows how the 12 steps almost degenerated into nothing short of gangsterism, in the Westchester Community I came form. A Church and politically connected program of gangsterism.

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Last updated 2006/06/27 - Added disclaimer and removed link to Lee's website.
Created 2005/08/02

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