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About ARID

"ar·id adj. 1. Lacking moisture, especially having insufficient rainfall to support trees or woody plants. 2. Lacking interest or feeling; lifeless and dull."
-- The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition

"ARID n. Addiction Recovery Information Distribution"
-- dr.bomb

ARID is a project to help correct an injustice within the world of addiction recovery where indoctrination into Buchmanism (12-step-ism) monopolizes the highly profitable treatment industry. I am attempting to make a correction by distributing alternative sources of information concerning addictive behavior which do NOT involve guilt-inspiring stepwork. This information allows those who want to end the struggle to help themselves by emphasizing personal empowerment through their own strength and intelligence. It involves no guilt and, once accomplished, provides solid self-reinforcing abstinence. Intoxication becomes undesirable in the sense that it's seen as stupid behvavior in a non-stupid person.

While my choice of word for my organization does seem at odds with my own enthusiasm and will probably be used as a slur by those thoroughly indoctrinated by the cult of Buchmanism my work is never boring. I find the information AND disinformation concerning addiction recovery to be quite an interesting topic to explore. Nothing is more exciting than to find the solution to rid oneself from the bondage of addiction AND to find out that it can be done in a very short time without any need to abase oneself. The only thing I truly find arid is the desert of disinformation which manifiests itself through the recovery group movement and the substance addiction treatment industry.

The biggest irony I'd like to expose is that there is NO highly publicized organization in which formerly addicted people can congregate and collaborate as to how they ended their addictions once and for all. The truly anonymous are the millions of people who have quit on their own and just don't make a big deal about it. This unpleasant irony is reflected in the highly publicized organization of Alcoholics Anonymous where thousands of mentally massacred members engage in mettings of mutual masturbation proclaiming the praises of perpetual "One Day At A Time" procrastination in regards to the Big Question:

"What is your plan concerning your future drinking/drugging?"

It's the Big Question which makes ALL the thoroughly indoctrinated Buchmanites sweat bullets since they won't allow themselves to do the right thing and make that decision to quit once and for all ...AND THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE TO LOSE IS THEIR ADDICTION!

That's all I ever wanted. That is why I chose to go to treatment facilities and meetings. I wanted it over with so that I could close that chapter on that sorry part of my life and move on. Instead of getting practical advice from those I used to regard as "veterans" who I thought ended their addiction I wound up getting labelled as being powerless, insane, untrustworthy and defective.

It's that kind of "advice" which nearly killed me.

Instead of inspiring newcomers to hit bottom I would rather find ways to empower the individual to make that decision to end their addiction and to make that decision stick. Unfortunately neither I nor anonyone nor anything can teach motivation. Only the person who is addicted can make that choice. Neither their sponsor, group, counselor nor higher power has that capability. Only the addicted person can control their own voluntary muscles which drive their arms, legs and mouth. They have the power to act or not to act when the desire hits just as much as one can dance or not to dance (or even to learn how).

The best advice which can be given by anyone would be from those who have made that ethical commitment to quit for good and are currently living their lives free from both the addiction itself and the fear of re-addiction! It's that palpable fear which causes the throughly indoctinated Buchmanite to stammer in response to the Big Question and to remain a slave to the recovery group movement. These same members will heap scorn and derision upon those who did quit without performing stepwork by labelling such people with loaded language as merely being "dry" or "abstinent".

And, yes, I label myself as beyond dry and, therefore, completely ARID. I won't shy away from that label so I might as well take it back and utilize it as a badge of honor.

So, for those who are interested, who would rather get advice on ending your addiction? From someone sworn to a life of infantile powerlessness or from someone who is empowered to make the decision to quit stick?

I offer links to books, websites and other information which will assist you enormously in ending your addiction once and for all. I do not shy away from controversy and recognize how this information can save your life! By providing these links I and other like-minded individuals can break the wall of "Conference Approved" censorship which dominates the existing addiction treatment industry and the recovery group movement zealots who dominate it.

I are not looking for members. All I want to do is to spread the words and advice from the truly recovered and save a few lives. When you recover from your addiction and see the injustice before you, you have the choice to let the injustice continue or to do something about it in small yet meaningful ways.

That is why I publish these pages and links. However all of this information is for naught if you don't DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

Remember: If they were "rigorously honest" from the start there wouldn't be the need for a site like The ARID Site.


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