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Recommended Links:

I have a hotlist of favorite sites which I highly recommend. If you know of a site which is worth a few pageviews please give me the info!

Critical Thinking

These sites will assist you in spotting irrational, unreasoned arguments and help you understand reality through facts, logic and reason, not falsehood, fallacy and superstition.

Logical fallacy:
A fairly good introduction into what constitutes fallacious reasoning.

Completely categorized fallacies for easy reference. Nizkor is also a one-stop site for debunking Holocaust denial (worth some in-depth study to see propaganda in motion). One can't help to compare and contrast that denial with the denial of alternatives to 12-Step as practiced by the recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry.

The Church Of Reality:
If it's real, I believe it. It's the church of Realists by a Realist! I'm an unabashed member! ;->

James Randi Educational Foundation:
Quite simply one awesome site which debunks the paranormal, supernatural and quack "medical" claims by a multitude of fraudsters. Highly recommended!

Skeptic Magazine:
Michael Shermer's acclaimed website which keeps debunking the same irrational beliefs out there.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:
CSICOP encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public.

From its mission statement: "Quackwatch, Inc., which was a member of Consumer Federation of America from 1973 through 2003, is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. Its primary focus is on quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere." A great article there concerning faith healing is worth a read within the context of A.A. criticism.

The Secular Web of the Internet Infidels:
The FIRST site I visited which led to my deprogramming from Buchmanism. What better place to start questioning the cult than typing "Alcoholics Anonymous" within their Google-based search engine and finding some critical information? A must-read site for the secular-minded and advocates keeping the Jeffersonian idea of a wall between church and state alive.

George Orwell:
From the website: George Orwell (1903-1950) (pen name for Eric Arthur Blair) — the famous English writer, is the author of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (also known as ‘1984’), ‘Animal Farm: A Fairy Story’ (or ‘Animal Farm’), ‘Homage to Catalonia’, ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’, ‘The road to Wigan Pier’, ‘Burmese Days’, ‘Keep the Aspidistra flying’, ‘A Clergyman's daughter’, ‘Coming Up for Air’...

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do:
This book is about a single idea—consenting adults should not be put in jail unless they physically harm the person or property of a nonconsenting other. A riveting book by a casualty of the U.S. Government's "War On Some Drugs".

The Transcendent Shrink:
This is a very interesting interview with a psychiatrist who is quite critical of AAmerica's culture of victimhood (special thanks to Golightlymuse for this article).

A.A. Criticism:

This is not the only site which criticizes 12-step programs!

A.A. Deprogramming: (Site back up under new management! Archived at:
The first site I visited which has some great criticism of A.A.

The Orange Papers: (refer to updates regarding its status)
You've read some of his analysis on Apple's A.A. Deprogramming website. Now here's the mother lode! You can spend weeks reading these pages! Very meticulously researched and documented. When Secret Agent Orange makes a claim he backs it up with plenty of evidence. Definitely NOT for the squeamish yet highly volatile and reactionary Buchmanites.
(UPDATE 2006/12/18: It's back online.)

More Revealed:
A fantastic site by Ken Ragge featuring the full text of four books about the dark side of A.A. the Buchmanites wish to keep hidden from view from you: More Revealed, Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?, Resisting 12-Step Coercion and 12-Step Horror Stories. It even has a new discussion forum for A.A. critics and concerned citizens such as me.

Jeff Schaler's Website:
Author of the book "Addiction is a Choice" There is plenty of pro-responsibility and facts detailing addiction itself. Not to be missed is his legendary Fifth Column article, "CULT-BUSTING" which details the tactics of A.A. regarding mind control.

See Sharp Press:
Chaz Bufe's small publishing house. A majority of books criticising Buchmanism are published here. I'm proud to own quite a few of them. They are definitely worth seeking out, no matter the cost, and he has a very interesting line of pamphlets as well (definitely check out The Case Against Religiosity by Dr. Albert Ellis). Help support independent publishers!
Dr. James DeSena's website features sample chapters from his book, "Overcoming your Alcohol, Drug and Recovery Habits" (proudly published by See Sharp Press). He is very thorough in his observations and criticisms of the RGM/ATI (Recovery Group Movement/Addiction Treatment Industry) and mixes in Parasite-recognition training to help anyone end addiction within his book. There's no doubt that he was heavily influenced by Jack Trimpey's AVRTTM.

The Stanton Peele Addiction Website:
Another site critical of addiction treatment in general. Stanton Peele has written many books and articles concerning addiction. His book, "Diseasing of America", is an unmatched book which exposes how deeply rooted the recovery group movement is within American culture and is all the more relevant today.

Al-Anon Concept V Appeal - Will It Be Heard?
The plight of an individual who was banned from Al-Anon meetings and what they've done to fight back. (Frankly, the person can do without the cult. This page also shows how torturous the mind control of Buchmanism is.)

Alcoholism: The Volitional Disease: (Page down 2006/03/18, now archived here in The 12th Files)
By: Officer S. Garry Nowak. Alcoholism is not a disease with an invasive pathology, nor is it a disease of genetics gone awry. Alcoholism has nothing to do with irresistible impulses or uncontrollable urges. Alcoholism is a disease of volition. An excellent essay written by a police officer which debunks the disease mythology.

Cliff Walker's Recovery Watch:
Classic commentary from the Positive Atheism website concerning the recovery group movement danger in America. Also features material from Rational Recovery since Cliff used to be involved with that organization.

Recovery Legal Plan: CAVEAT EMPTOR Concerning RationalDL/SmartDL/etc.
Donald Lee had his chance to prove himself. The big foot-bullet of his: "There is some truth and logic in the written words, throughout the 12 steps." Troll!

More links to other webpages critical of Buchmanism.

Saint Jude Retreat House:
While I wouldn't advocate its services it does feature some quality criticism of Buchmanism-based "treatment" in America. Definitely worth a read or two. Also check out for more insightful analysis concerning the corrupt recovery group movement movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry.

War On Junk:
Christopher Largen's website for his book, "Junk", which I had the honor of reviewing: "... It's satire which packs a ferocious punch as it shows the deadly follies of the United States' "War on SOME Drugs & SOME Terror" and the therapeutic state not only through the narratives but also through the inclusion of letters and newspapers lifted from its own world and, just as great satirical social commentary should, mirrors our own with devastating accuracy. After all, after the "War on SOME Drugs & SOME Terror" is "won", what's next?"

Doctor DeLuca:
A doctor formerly employed at the Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center speaks out against the "War on SOME Drugs" and the current state of addiction "treatment".

Religious Movements @ The University of Virginia: Alcoholics Anonymous:
A good rundown of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Blame Denial:
James G's website chronicling his experiences with A.A. His site's primary purpose: "The primary purpose of this site is to express my experience and interpretation of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the effects it has on its members."

A.A. History:

Old documents and interesting finds concerning A.A.'s history

A.A. GSO Watch:, &
Actually, there are very few good people within A.A. after all. This site features internal documents (sadly, not 5M/12-90/TC) and some coverage of the fallout from the lawsuits by A.A. World Services in Germany and Mexico. It even has an internal report which, despite the fact that the book Alcoholics Anonymous is forever within the public domain due to the publishing of the multilith edition and the lack of copyright renewals on the First and Second Editions, instructs the leadership to "act as if" it was always a copyrighted work (in other words, LIE!)

The Anarchist Traditions of A.A.: (Site down 2005/07/16. See:
From the website: To bluntly surmise, the social organization of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Traditions, is based on the writings of an anarchist and socialist revolutionary. Do you find that a little bit hard to believe? So did I... but just keep an open mind and read it, before you write it off.

Dick B.'s Web Site:
Dick B.'s Web Site is a good source for books providing an honest and very thorough treatment of AA's religious origins and orientation. (Please note that this is a 12-step site; it is, however, to be distinguished from the vast majority of other 12-step sites in that the information it presents on AA is scrupulously honest.)

Anonymous Press:
Publishers of the reprinting of the First Edition of Anonymous Anonymous. The site also includes the full text of the original manuscript which comprises the multilith edition (typos included).
More intersting pamphlets, books and historical documents. I found some interesting quotes from William Griffith Wilson there which I've placed in strategic places within my website.

A.A. History by Mitchell K.:
More solid historical research by nationally recognized historian and oft-quoted Alcoholics Anonymous archivist Mitchell K.

More Cults

"We're only here to help..."

Cult Test:
Secret Agent Orange has written the most comprehensive guide detailing what cults are...and how A.A. measures up. As always, SAO provides painstaking detail though his very thorough research.

Operation Clambake:
Plenty of information detailing Scientology.

Marc Perkel's information on Sun Myung Moon's Church of Unification, a.k.a. The Moonies. What's interesting is that just like the Moonies A.A. has its share of front groups as well.

Gorenfeld on Moon:
Investigation into Moon's political activities in Washington D.C.

The Dark Side Of Rev. Moon:
In-depth independent journalism focusing on Rev. Moon. The site itself is a must-read, brought to you by one of the journalists who brought the dirty details of the Iran Contra scandal to public attention.

Freedom of Mind Center:
Steve Hassan, a former member of the Unification Church (the Moon Cult), has been at the forefront of cult awareness activism since 1976 and is the author of two critically acclaimed books – Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults (1988) and Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves (2000).

The Rick A. Ross Institute of New Jersey: CAVEAT EMPTOR
Rick Ross, so-called "expert" on cults, is guilty of censoring critical opinions of A.A. upon his discussion forum. The dirty details are here.

The Straights:
From the website: This site deals with mind-control cults and other controversial groups, particularly juvenile drug rehabilitation programs, especially juvenile synanons (more popularly known as juvenile therapeutic communities). Specific emphasis is placed on Straight, Inc. and its derivatives though we make no claim that all second-generation Straights are necessarily destructive or even cult-like. Straight, Inc. (now called Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. which no longer treats addicts, but is a major player in shaping domestic and international drug policy) was founded in 1976 in Saint Petersburg, Florida by Mel Sembler, the US ambassador to Italy, and his wife Betty.

Anonyminity Anonymous:
More on Straight Inc. and its subsdiaries. From the website: The treatment modality popularized under that Straight trademark and sometimes called "Therapeutic Communities", is neither therapeutic nor conducive to community building. It was not invented by Art Barker, nor even by Chuck Dederich. It is an implementation of thought reform techniques borrowed from Korean POW camps. And this was well known to and carefully hidden from public view by the founders of that program. Under NO circumstances should any person be subjected to this kind of treatment, most especially not by force of law.

FICA - USA: Fight Institutional Child Abuse:
From the abuse I suffered for five years as a child within Craig House-Technoma, now known as Craig Academy, it's about time more people spoke out about this attrocious aspect of the Social Services System. The helpers are harming children in the name of "help"! Also check out its blog for more up-to-date information.

Geshe Michael Roach, Diamond Cutter:
Geshe Michael Roach is teacher of Buddhism and Yoga who is gaining popularity in the USA and other countries. He is a published author and holds the title of Geshe (a doctorate in Tibetan Buddhist studies taking over 20 years to complete). This website will present an alternate view of Geshe Michael's teachings and behaviour, which are causing controversy and concern within much of the Buddhist community due to his relationship with female students and unconventional teachings.

Merchants Of Deception:
Eric Scheibeler, a former distributor/IBO within Amway/Quixtar, exposes all about that commercial cult. His book is available for free downloading in .PDF format. Defnitely a virtual page turner. Definitely recommended for those who have been harmed by cults to witness the pattern within them.


MMF/Spammer/Scammers never had any intent on doing legitimate business with you. That's why such unrepentant scum spams!

(This section of links is forever dedicated to Melanie Solomon, author of "AA Not The Only Way" and now a confirmed unrepentant spammer. Poor pathetic thing.)

Make Money Fast Hall Of Humiliation:
It'll help you to rediscover your moral fiber and to laugh at the various frauds out there. Learn how to trace spam E-mail, LART lamers and have fun doing it.

Why Spamming Is Bad:
It's a quick list of links which show why spamming is bad.

The Evils of Spam:
Part 2 of the excellent series of FAQs on spam at Yes, to spam or not to spam: The moral question that all ignorant spammers care not to consider.

Fight Spam on the Internet:
From the site's description: "You have probably seen an increase in the amount of "junk mail" which shows up in your email box, or on your favorite newsgroup. The activities of a small number of people are becoming a bigger problem for the Internet. We have been actively engaged in fighting spam for years. Since we presented this site to the public in 1996, we have been pleased to be referenced as one of the best anti-spam sites on the net."


Laughter is the best medicine!

Alcoholics Anonymous: A Gallery of Visual Aids for the Sane:
A great little humor website which is full of hillarious pictures of A.A. history. Fun, factual and guranteed for a chuckle or two.

The Adventures of Mildew Man:
Simple stick figures have never been so funny! It is deinitely "out there" and also guarantees a laugh just for the creativity involved. (CAVEAT EMPTOR: Run by an apologist for the "harm reduction" movement.)

Important Links For Computer Geeks

Some Of My Secrets For Better Computing

The Mailinator:
It's nothing more than a simple public-accessible disposable drop-box for receiving E-mail. While you can't send E-mail from it, it does allow you to receive it and have it deleted automatically in a few hours. Perfect for recon behind enemy lines.
The cutting-edge office suite from Sun Microsystems featuring Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheet), Draw (graphics design), Impress (presentations), and Base (database)...and much more (I really like the QuickBASIC-inspired programming language for macros within it)! I consider it superior to Micro$quish Office. Not only can it read and write MS-Office files but it is also 100% open-source, 100% FREE and works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Download it, install it and give it a try.

Java Anon Proxy:
Java Anon Proxy (JAP) provides the functionality to surf the web without being observed. This means that neither the requested server nor any observer on the Internet can know which user has viewed which web page. It is easily installed and works with most web browsers, inculding Internment Exploder and Firefox.

Mozilla Suite:
From the folks who brought you the superior Firefox web browser, Mozilla is slowly turning into not just my favorite browser but also a quick & dirty HTML development platform. Mozilla Suite combines a web browser, E-mail and IRC client plus a fully-featured HTML editor in one attractive package...FOR FREE! Definitely worth a download.
Absolutely free no-nonsense SMTP/POP3 E-mail accounts. Registration is extremely simple. Get one for use with Mozilla Suite's E-mail client. ;->

Since you have the SMTP/POP3 client and account why not add some security to it? You can get a FREE secure E-mail certificate at Comodo for use with Outlook, Thunderbird and Mozilla E-mail clients.

Authentic Recovery

Logically, if one is substance dependent, one must learn how to become independent without creating yet another dependency.

Moved to the Options page.

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