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These writings represent the core up-to-date info concerning various facts and observations of the tragedy awaiting the currently addicted. From the obvious criticism of the religious pro-addiction cult known as A.A. and its Twelve-Stepping offspring as well as its secularized clones right on down to direct advice for addicted people on how to quit, this serves as a vital library where one can obtain illegally-withheld Informed Consent.

The main point is that it's the movement and industry that has made addiction much worse than it needs to be. That it's the movement that has engaged in the subterfuge that problems cause addiction and not the other way around. That the simple advice to QUIT proves much more beneficial (a.k.a. brief intervention) than any form of "treatment" or counseling. They simply don't know how to quit. In short, the entire movement and industry survives by instilling a hypochondria among those driven into desperation due to the nasty consequences of their own bad habits.

Addiction has been and will always be a choice obscured by the ambivalence between whether one should choose to continue their vice or to quit. It's that simple. Any contradiction to that is nothing more than the voice of addiction itself. It's that voice, the voice and the feelings of self-doubt itself that are stirred up, that the industry and movement embodies. It wants you to believe that you need meetings, medication, meditation, prayer, shrinks or any nonsense just to stay way from that precious stuff...but for only one day! From that perspective, just as that voice is wrong, the entire movement and industry is DEAD WRONG!

Trust yourself! If you're reading this and want to quit but feel that you can't, realize that you have just heard that voice and felt the feelings embodied by that voice. Laugh at it each time you recognize it! See it for the sick joke that it is: A pathetic and weak enemy that once ruled your life. Starve it to death by quitting your vice...FOR GOOD! It is that simple (do check out Rational Recovery's Internet Crash Course On AVRT® for a quick education on how to beat the voice at its game of getting its goodies).

Various acronyms and ideas appear in the following articles, such as:

RGM: Recovery Group Movement. As in the various group-based organizations where addicted people congregate and transfer their addiction from various recreational drugs and vices in general to the group itself. The primary side effect is that one winds up addicted to the meetings.

ATI: Addiction Treatment Industry. The multi-billion-dollar behemoth that claims to be a non-profit where people are diagnosed for the disease of addiction. This mainly serves as a recruitment and employment option for various two-hatters of the RGM. (See Hazelden)

The most offensive is the collective of sellouts known as the:

SCAAAM: So-Called "Anti-A.A." Movement. These are the not-so obvious Uncle Toms who claim to be against A.A. Unfortunately, they don't know how to quit and have adopted a secularized version of the disease mythology of addiction using pop-psychological concepts and jargon. They have even adopted the meeting format and even have advisors from A.A.'s front groups within their organizations. Also, the diehard adherents from A.A. who wind up within the SCAAAM believe that they're afflicted from unrecoverable cultism, merely a substitution for the disease mythology of addiction. Examples are the various "alternative" organizations (yes, even I was fooled) and the adoption of other insipid theories (such as "gangstalking") that absolve one of any personal responsibility concerning the self-governance of their own lives.

Buchmanites wish for the death of a dissenter.These writings offer more than enough evidence that treatment does not work and that the entire recovery group movement is a pro-addiction fraud. My hope is that enough people become wise to this entire fraud. With that wisdom in mind, they realize that they can choose to walk away from it all without worrying about becoming re-addicted and/or dying an alcoholic death. As shown in the cartoon on the right, the cultish system would rather portray quitters as being perpetually angry and doomed. It wishes via its own EVIL fantasies a violent death to any person who dares to offer unbridled scorn and dissent against the cult (so much for the Hippocratic Oath). Turns out that it's the people within the cult, the Twelve-Stepping True Believers, who are fearful of jumping the ship into a life of freedom away from the titanic blunder of Bill'n'Bob.

After all, that's how the system survives. Without legislation, litigation or any other further bureaucratic nonsense, the entire predatory system can collapse upon itself via a simple walkout. And, YES, it is definitely that simple.

--Mark D. Baum a.k.a. dr.bomb (2007/02/06) d.b.a. Ph.D. (Phormer Drunk)
Editor & Proprietor of The ARID Site

The Articles:


Five-Year Coin Acceptance Speech

Can the cult of A.A. handle the truth when one of "their own" says they quit without A.A.? (In front of the whole room when receiving their Five-Year Coin, no less?)


Emotional Bioterrorism

It's the hate that blinds and the fear that binds.


There Is No Gene

HBO's "Addiction" has it wrong. Addiction is not a "brain disease".


The Downward Spiral

The problem of the problem procrastinators builds up over time...


Can The DSM Be Wrong?

If the RGM/ATI and its apologists are open-minded then they can answer this question.


Plight Of A Former Grouper



Gaslighting Laura

The system makes people appear sick.


The Definition Of Quitting Addiction

The RGM/ATI/SCAAAM doesn't know how to quit.


How To Survive Coerced A.A.

Very good advice on how to resist the pro-addiction cult.


Missed Opportunities

The SCAAAM would be a joke if it were funny in regards to such misses.


Debunking Denial

Punching a huge hole within the idea of being in denial.


The Uselessness Of Addiction Treatment (Illustrated)

Pictures by Al Jaffee can speak a thousand words concerning all addiction treatment and groups.


The REAL Pittsburgh A.A. FAQ

A great summary of what A.A. left out of their Pittsburgh FAQ.


Self-Recovering From Child Abuse

Child abuse is not a valid excuse for using.


The "Most Addictive" Drug Nonsense

Quitting smoking is as easy as quitting heroin! No, REALLY! Oh, and Peele lied.


The Invertebrates Known As "Alternatives"

The more things appear different, the more the same they really are.


Stupid Buchmanite Nonsense

ADD/ADHD, self-medication, being "in recovery" and the anti-gangstalking movement are debunked.


Lies Recited At Most A.A. Meetings

So much for starting meetings out with some "rigorous honesty"...


12-Step Assumptions and Fallacies

The Steps are presented and criticized. Just a part of a larger whole.


The Coffee Conspiracy and doughnuts...


The Big Pro-Addiction Swindle

A.A. is a perverted pro-addiction organization.


Spanking The Lindesmith

Imagine your tax dollars being used for a junkie's habit.


Disease or Doctrine?

The Big Lie, known as disease mythology, is debunked.


Why It's Good To Criticize A.A.

According to Wilson, critics of A.A. "...speak truth in large portions."


Irresolute Drunken "Wisdom"

Would you trust advice on abstinence from these "winners?"

Last updated 2008/10/25

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