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Get involved in getting people abstinent and fired up about the current state of the HR/RGM/ATI by getting the word out!

The ARID Site currently has a few suggested projects available and in the works. As the site progresses more ideas and projects will become available. Feel free and do something! :-)

Outing A.A.
Got any two-hatting taxpayer-funded Twelve-Stepping simpletons who don't know how to quit yet claim to be excellent counselors regarding addiction?

Rational Recovery "Pass-It-On" Video
A bureaucrat for the RGM/ATI states the obvious that quitting's "not gonna happen" within it. "Pass-It-On", indeed.

The "No 12-Steps!" Campaign:
A simple button-based campaign for your website or blog. Just cut & paste a snippet of HTML.

The Dollar Campaign:
A ripoff of an idea from a currency tracking site.

ARID Brochures
Key information to give to newcomers in .PDF brochure format.

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