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Despite what the Buchmanites say, there are indeed options for you to liberate yourself from addictive behavior. This page presents as many as possible. It is always growing and, as you'll see, you'll find the cliche', "jails, institutions and death" is nothing more than a veiled death threat in the form of an empty slogan which spawned from narrow, atrophied, drink-obsessed minds.

A Crash Course In Ethics

Before you explore these options I invite you to take a crash course in medical ethics and how they are contradicted by A.A. by reading these five key documents:

  • The Hippocratic Oath
    This is the crown jewel of medical ethics as affirmed by licenced practicing medical physicians. It is where the idea of "First do no harm" originated.

  • A Patient's Bill Of Rights
    This documents how hospitals and other clinical settings should respect the fundamental inalienable rights of the patients.

  • Informed Consent (with a defintion of "rational ideas" by Jack Trimpey and Maxie Maultsby, M.D.)
    It is your fundamental right to know ALL of your treatment and medical options and NOT to have alternatives withheld or censored.

  • Caveat Emptor
    As I learned the hard way, "Let the buyer beware." Explore your options, ask plenty of questions and steer clear of those who can't provide clear and coherent answers.

  • Within Buchmanism, Ethical "Traditions" Are Optional by dr.bomb
    A brief examination of the contradictory "ethical" Traditions of A.A.

Wasn't that a refreshing read or what? That's the feeling I wish to instill within you as you explore your options so that you can make truly informed decisions for your own sake. You matter!

Authentic Recovery

Logically, if one is substance dependent, one must learn how to become independent without creating yet another dependency.

"Your President and other pioneers in and outside your Society have been achieving notable results for a long time, many of their patients having made good recoveries without any A.A. at all. It should here be noted that some of the recovery methods employed outside A.A. are quite in contradiction to AA principles and practice. Nevertheless, we of AA ought to applaud the fact that certain of these efforts are meeting with increasing success."
-- William Griffith Wilson, Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Address to the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism, April 28, 1958.

Rational Recovery:
The official home of the Internet Crash Course on AVRT: Addictive Voice Recognition Technique. No theology. No rituals. No meetings. No Bill$hit. Just the simple truth and the shortest, quickest route to end one's own addiction once and for all. This is exactly what I was looking for and used to recovery from my own addiction to alcohol...and it only took me an hour to learn and master. It's what I recommend and endorse to anyone who wants to recover now.

Just as I have examined the doctrines of Buchmanism itself and know for a fact that it is not what it claims to be, I provide a similar burden of proof which the others must prove adherence to: If there is no clear and concise directive to simply abstain from consuming any recreational drugs then it's not an organization which promotes abstinence. To claim adherence to any tenet of the disease/psychological models of addiction and the various junk science which attempts to legitimize it also should rule the alternatives as suspect as well.

The following organizations are listed here pending further evaluation using that burden of proof as a guideline and mentioning them here is NOT be taken as an endorsement. Likewise, my full position on these alternative organizations is available for further clarification.

--dr.bomb 2006/01/01

SMART Recovery:

Secular Organizations for Sobriety:


Women For Sobriety:

Finally (for now), there's...

Alcoholics Anonymous

In the interest of full disclosure, for those who still persist in seeking out A.A as a viable option, I recommend reading through the files which consist the ever growing of information which A.A. keeps hidden from the public...until now! Ladies and gentlemen, The ARID Site presents...

The 12th Files

Trust no Buchmanite. The truth is in here!

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