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The 12th Files

Full Disclosure Of Facts And Documents That A.A. Denies!
(...and would rather not tell you about)

"Having had an intellectual awakening from the results of being sick and tired of being Stepped on by cultists feeling threatened by me feeling confident in my own abstinence from alcohol, I realized that A.A. was being less than 'rigorously honest' in its affairs." --dr.bomb

Here is where one can find plenty of inside information regarding the recovery group movement which it would rather keep hidden. From its horrible abstinence statistics right on down to horror stories told by the victims themselves, consider this a thorough "moral" inventory of the cult:

A picture of Bill W. reacting to Dr. Bob.
Bill W.

Would you trust your "recovery" in the hands of these trained "professionals"?

Would you buy a beat up copy of "The Big Book" from either of them?

I hope not!

(Actual unretouched photos of the founders of A.A. from a twisted pro-A.A. site called

Look! It's Nosferatu...err, a picture of Dr. Bob!
Dr. Bob

"Comments Remastered": A project to image, transcribe, reformat and remaster the original A.A. 24-page internal document, "Comments On A.A.'s Triennial Surveys," into a small .PDF file for public consumption. So far, the document is ready for download in a 2MB pre-release .PDF format. The 12th page within that document is rather juicy!

The Front Groups Of A.A.: This is an ongoing list of the various front groups for the cult. Beware if any of these members are to be found in those other organizations out there.

Bill Wilson's Speech at the Memorial Service for Dr. Bob: Includes Wilson stating the actual failure rate of A.A.!

"A Doctor Speaks": George E. Vaillant, M.D, General Service Board Class A (nonalcoholic) trustee of A.A., gets interviewed by the A.A. Grapevine. Not only is this article indicative of the professional grasping-for-straws flip-flopping within his own book, The Natural History of Alcoholism Revisited, but he lets a fact slip out: About 60% do indeed recover from addiction on their own outside of A.A.!

"A Talk with Leonard Blumenthal": A.A.'s new GSO chair of 2005 turns out to be a do-gooder turned Buchmanite. This article and the one linked to it, "It Works!", shows the danger of Good Samaritanism within a cult. I seriously doubt that Lenny has ever dug for any data, much less ciritically evaluated A.A., and is the reason why he remains naive to this day and how ignorance itself can be a dangerous thing within the professional world.

Alcholics Can Be Cured -- Despite A.A.: Criticism of A.A. isn't new. Witness A.A.'s reaction via the preface to this article, despite the facts that A.A. doesn't list the "half-truths" and that Wilson himself stated that criticism of A.A. is a good thing.

Alcoholism: The Volitional Disease: By Officer S. Garry Nowak. Alcoholism is not a disease with an invasive pathology, nor is it a disease of genetics gone awry. Alcoholism has nothing to do with irresistible impulses or uncontrollable urges. Alcoholism is a disease of volition. An excellent essay written by a police officer which debunks the disease mythology.

"It's AA's Dirty Little Secret.": A discussion thread reveals the darkest secret of A.A.'s religious nature!

The Buchman Interview: The infamous interview where Rev. Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman, leader of the Oxford Group Movement from which A.A. spawned from, professes his admiration of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler And Buchman: Reinhold Niebuhr, the eminent theologian who authored The Serenity Prayer. (and the Buchmanites butchered accordingly) criticizes Rev. Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman (one of A.A.'s true founders) and Buchman's admiration of Adolph Hitler.

How Bill Wilson Got His H.P. On: William Griffith Wilson never worked the Steps to achieve sobriety. "It works if you work it," but be careful here as what Wilson did is revealed in painstaking detail.

"The Story of Ed": ...or, "How to kick people out of A.A. when they don't believe in God Alcohol, as William Griffith Wilson understood God Alcohol". This is straight from "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" with two highly relevant quotes from "Alcoholics Anonymous" which place it squarely within the sick, sadistic perspective it rightfully deserves.

"Drink advice service confronts sex abuse": An embarrasing memo was FAXed to the wrong number and leaks the notorious acts of "Thirteenth-Stepping" which often occurs within "The Rooms". Too bad the press overlooks the Ninth Tradition Loophole: A.A. will NEVER hold itself and its membership accountable because that would be considered "governing".

The Full "Serenity Prayer": This is the full version of Reinhold Niebuhr's "Serenity Prayer". This is the inspiration as to why A.A.'s program is only "one day at a time".

The Buchmanese Lexicon: An ongoing project to document the language of the cult.

A.A.'s Holy Trinity: A rundown of the three sacred substances within Buchmanism as practiced by A.A., a couple of which are mentioned within my brief "The Coffee Conspiracy" article:

  • Caffeine Pharmacology: Some information about one of A.A.'s favorite things. It's practically a staple along with "resentments" at every A.A. meeting.

  • Nicotine Pharmacology: Meet Bill Wilson's vice. Even though he died abstinent from alcohol his other vices remained unchecked. This was untimately the addiction which did him in.

  • Ethanol Pharmacology: Wilson drank enough methanol-contaminated ethanol in the form of "Bathtub" gin, "...two bottles a day, and often three" (A.A. pp. 5) to waste away his brains. Learn about its properties, of which alcohol is neither cunning nor baffling because it is just an inanimate object. You have to do something with it first before it does something to you!

Buchmanism Horror Stories: Inspired by Rebecca Fransway. Send in your takes of misery and abuse at the hands of the drug cult and its mindless followers.

The Cathy K. Files: A.A. works? Surrrrrrrre! Harming her "recovery"? Nah! Only those who criticize her "recovery" do that. Uh huh! Here's actual anonymized information from someone "in recovery". Jude for yourself if the results from "recovery" are worth it.

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