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About dr.bomb

I am a true veteran of not just being a survivor of alcohol addiction. I'm also the survivor of hypocritical "Christians" (when, at the tender age of six or seven and sick of being bullied by the false-penetents I declared my atheism [yes, I actually said the a-word] in front of Presbyterian Reverend Foster, who then called my parents and was punished some more...with no one asking why I made the decision in the first place), the recovery group movement, the addiction treatment industry, special education and a nefarious five-year exile within a hospital/school facility which ultilized the Synanon Game as a form of shame-based group "therapy" as a child from 1984-1989 (Craig House-Technoma, now offensively euphemistically renamed Craig Academy, in Pittsburgh PA). I can state, unequivically, that I'm "recovering from recovery" and coming to grips with what I endured at the hands of blinded-by-benevolence paraprofessionals, psychiatrists, religionists, cultists and zealots with veiled-interests and alleged do-gooders. I received my Ph.D. in AVRTTM from Rational Recovery in March of 2004.

Unlike William Griffith Wilson I do not "hide behind people" with my prose. I speak directly from my own personal experiences and making the effort to not use the word "we" when I really mean "I" or "me". I speak in simple and direct American English and not the Orwellian dialect of Buchmanese (although, due to my experiences, I am fluent in it). A lot of what I have to write is laced wth anger against an institutionalized insanity which is causing more harm than good.

With each web page I create more of that anger is channelled into something good: A series of documents of chronic abuses within a system that the general public never sees nor understands unless they take a good hard look within it. I am no longer a victim. I am doing something by writing and publishing these findings. A weight which has been on my shoulders for most of my life is finally being unloaded off of my mind and into the aether of the internet.

If, for the love of goodness, that someone, anyone, out there is reading this and finds that they have eundured the same thing I recommend that you get some free web space from Tripod, learn a little HTML and slap a page up upon the internet THEN E-mail me. I never throught that building my own website would be so rewarding until now. Now I see this as the cheapest and most effective form of therapy that I have ever sought out and applied. Anybody, even you, can do this. That doubt that you feel within yourself are just the forces instilled by the evil bastard itself which wants that self-doubt to thrive and keep you silent of its own atrocities in the form of those "people" mentioned above.

Silence does indeed equate with compliance since no problems exist when nobody talks about any problems! It becomes even more rewarding when the therapy becomes a form of political activism with the goal of social reform in mind. The more people excercise their dwindling, and inherently precious, freedoms of speech, true social change can come. Change always begins at the grassroots. Change always begins with you and I and it's the systemic bastard which doesn't want that change to occur! NEVER LET THE BASTARD WIN! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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Last updated 2005/03/12

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