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Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia CD-ROM

(c) (1997, 2003) Br0derbund Properties LLC
(c) (2003) Mosby-Year Book, Inc.

Throughout my internet travels it is rare that I find a resource that not only is a definitive resource on a certain topic or a solid tool which can be used to solve problems. The best resources I've found tend to be those which, for whatever reason, have fallen by the wayside never to receive the critically acclaimed recognition deserved. It is rarer still to find that such a title or resource is still out there but is hidden away until it is discovered by someone to be a great product yet no real publicity to alert anyone to its presence.

Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia is one such resource: Packed with a lot of in-depth information, an excellent user interface with solid coding to back it up, and many more features which go beyond the marketing category of "Reference Tool" it is nowhere to be seen within the "mainstream". That's unfortunate because there is plenty on this disc which makes it a mandatory addition to any knowledge-savvy user's library.

The is the be-all and end all of medical resources. From medication information right on down to contraindications, to diseases and various resource lists and self-help videos, there is plenty for the novice who really doesn't know where to begin. For experts there are plenty of links and very detailed descriptions of anything related to medicine. From the blurb:

"The most complete home health reference program you can buy! Packed with essential information for today's health conscious user, Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia combines nearly 22,000 medical definitions with t thousands of charts, illustrations, audio pronunciations, and full motion videos. Using clear, easy-to-understand language, Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia provides valuable information on a wide range of health-care topics, including leading health problems and treatments, pregnancy, pediatrics, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Explore the latest medical procedures, and check the pronunciation of more than 4,000 medical terms. A full color atlas of human anatomy provides an overview of all major body systems. Reviewed by over 100 specialists for accuracy and completeness, Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia represents the combined expertise of the world's leading medical professionals."

The disc is rounded out by having the full editions of Webster's New World Dictionary (3rd College Edition) and its Thesaurus integrated into the program along with a text editor. Not only does the user not need a standalone dictionary/thesaurus to look up words or difficult terminology within the main content of this disc but, when combined with the built-in Journal (a rudimentary word processor which can also save in .RTF as well as standard ASCII plaintext), the user can do most of their research and note taking within the program itself before shelling out to a more robust word processor. The dictionary/thesaurus is a great addition and adds immense value to a comprehensive product.

Just for all of this functionality and information at a very inexpensive price how can one pass this up? At The ARID Site I use this title to explore various ideas in medicine and assist in debunking the disease mythology surrounding what is known as the American addiction treatment tragedy. The dictionary/thesaurus alone is worth the money. Best of all is that it works great with XP. It's a solid and well-designed program.

Pick up a few copies and give a few to your friends. It's that good.


Get Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia CD-ROM

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Last updated 2005/03/16

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