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ARID Brochures

(beta version - sample .PDF brochure available for download and printing)

Professionally designed and formatted, these three-panel single-sheet .PDF brochures pack enough information to start newcomers off right into the world of authentic recovery from addiction. These brochures act as a bridge between the cyber world of The ARID Site and the real world where not everyone has access to a computer.

These are easy to print on standard 8.5"x11" paper with your inkjet or laser printer. Fold them up and you have instant brochures ready to hand out to those still suffering within the cult of Buchmanism.

Printing Tips:

  • These brochures are formatted in full-page edge-to-edge 11"x8.5" landscape format. Make sure the Adobe Acrobat reader is set up to print with the scaling setting of "None".

  • The resulting brochure is double-sided. Practice printing a brochure or two to figure out how to print on the other side for superior results.

  • Depending upon your color inkjet printer "high quality" mode may place too much ink on the plain paper. Normal mode will suffice with a minimum of bleeding.

Brochure Lineup:

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader (available from Adobe's website)

PDF A.A. Is Not A "Quit Drinking" Organization - Adapted from "The Pro-Addiction Swindle", it is a quick summary of what 12-Step programs are not, with emphasis on a quick comparision between A.A.'s "Twelve Steps" and Rational Recovery's 200-word description of AVRTTM.

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