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Links: The Orange Papers

Because of the rather uncertain status of Secret Agent Orange's website here is a page dedicated to getting current info of its status as well as obtaining the downloadable version of it.
(I recommend that you download the compressed version of his website for offline browsing because the site tends to eat up its bandwidth now and then.)

News as of 2006/12/18:

The Orange Papers is back online. To ensure that his information doesn't become lost I used my DSL connection and downloaded all of the the .zip and .tar.gz files which comprise the downloadable mirror of his site's contents (use 7-Zip to extract the files within such archive file formats). I'll be providing mirrored downloads and various P2P links so that anyone can readily download his site in a week or so.

News as of 2006/12/10:

The Orange Papers is down again. Go to and download the 2004 mirror of the site (the .ZIP files are on the site itself so click upon the guilt-inducing links in the far-right collumn of the table there and download to your heart's content).

And, for those who don't like KaZaA/FastTrack (I've moved on to the bigger, better and more reliable eMule), here are the eD2k hash links (load your eD2k client, click each link, download and share):

Awesome News as of 2005/10/01:

The Orange Papers website is not just back to its old badassed format but completely updated with new content and new mirror files! Likewise, it even has a brand new discussion forum (firsties by me, naturally) at which can use some new content. Go there and refer to the download site (metioned in my previous update) in case TOP goes offline again. Even better, download its mirror files and fileshare them.

Good News as of 2005/08/28:

I now have the .ZIP mirror files back online @ yet who knows how long that will last (I came "thisclose" to using up the allotted 15MB). Get some filesharing software (or don't, you bandwidth-wasting heathens ;->) and get busy!

Mirror via The Internet Archive:

If you find the new layout aggravating you can see how The Orange Papers used to look. Since the site hasn't been updated since May 2004 everything, aside from the downloadable version of the site, is where it should be! Check it out:

Old updates:

(UPDATE 2005/04/19: The host for the Orange Papers website is pissed at Secret Agent Orange due to how large the files are which comprise the site as well as Orange's links to the domain from his free website accounts on other hosts. An ultimatum was made with a message which replaced the home page for the site which, in short, stated that if Orange didn't edit the site pages and graphics down into more manageable sizes then he wouldn't get his site back online with the host.)
(UPDATE 2005/05/18: The Orange Papers website is up for now, minus the downloads. I do have the original .ZIP files which comprised the compressed version and, if demand is high enough and with SAO's permission, I'll offer them for download.)
(UPDATE 2005/05/25: More information on this site's status and extras is here.)
(UPDATE 2005/08/27: It's down again!)

The Missing Orange Papers Downloads via KaZaA Filesharing:

Because I don't have much free server space to place the actual files online the best I can do is to file them via KaZaA. It will be slow going at first but, as more people download and share these files, these will download faster. BY ALL MEANS SHARE WHAT YOU TAKE HERE SO THAT EVERYONE BENEFITS!!!
WARNING: I neither endorse nor offer Klite++ or any related utilities for download. Look elsewhere!

A description of the files from the downloadable version:

Archive files now available:

Get this entire web site in a 4-file set of compressed packages so that you can read it later offline.

Available in both Unix/Linux tarred-gzipped format, or Micro$uck Windoze winzip format.

Current as of 2004-05-04 (yyyy-mm-dd).

Total Size = 13.9 MB compressed (20.6 MB uncompressed), but no file is larger than 4 MB, to prevent file size problems with some systems.

Get either set; you don't need both, as the files contained are identical.

I've provided Magnet-based and Sig2Dat-based filesharing links. To be on the safe side I've also calculated the MD5 signatures of the files. That way you'll get EXACTLY what I have. As I said earlier, I do NOT have enough webspace at this time to physically host the files at this time.

Filesharing Download Links for The Orange Papers (.ZIP format):
Magnet Links Sig2Dat Links
MD5: B934786DF90C7E032A9E34043D5529B4
MD5: 8B5647532C06D7184FD85A68C7DDC7DF
MD5: 54F8EB3964FE5FE97B075CED1832B175
MD5: CB3BB08EB2C5F6BDEF300965D4B58690

Until I get word from Secret Agent Orange to remove these links they'll remain up. And, if you don't mind spreading the word via your own website, the table code with all of the links is available here within this PGP-signed text file: LINKSSAO.TXT.

Back to the Links page.

Last updated 2006/12/18

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