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Patriotically made in the U.S.A.!An Authentic Anti-Addiction Perspective From The Reality-Based Community
"Analyze, Criticize and Publicize!" --dr.bomb

2005/03/31 - Hello Scott!

Inside joke. ;->

I've been dealing with a wicked cold and lethargy from it so I've been "down" for the past week or so. That doesn't mean I haven't been working upon the site. I've been doing some writing on some items to be integrated into the main content. Not to worry. There will be some more stuff to read soon. The better I feel the more I feel motivated to get the word out.

A lot of the "backend" work is dedicated towards some very important documents which are soon to arrive into my possession. The cheap flatbed scanner and .PDF printer driver awaits their arrival. The entire "backend" comprises an entire new section of the site inspired by those documents. That means more flexing the cerebellum and my fingers in the meantime. I also received an E-mail from a brief publicity attempt I made upon I may have to do that again in a couple of weeks just to get some more hits. ;->

Sad news though: The A.A. Deprogramming website is down and there's no word from Apple as to its whereabouts. I've attempted to contact her four times but her mailbox is full. However, thanks to the Internet Archive and its Wayback Machine, it is on a respirator. Check out the Links section for the updated link.

As for the April 1st content, there is never going to be any here. The systemic submission of our social services system to the alcohol cult, known here as Buchmanism and in the outside world as A.A., is no joking matter (neither is its involvement within the criminal justice system...but that's another fool to frag...soon...). Despite my downtime I'm still alive and abstinent and will remain so for one LIFETIME at a time.



2005/03/17 - Death To The 404's!

I did it! Woo hoo! Now I can keep focused on the content than worry about any broken internal links. :-)

There is much more to peruse now. The Options page is full of vital information including a crash course on ethics which contains information which is sadly absent within the recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry. There is a neat little article by myself with an interesting observation concerning A.A.'s Traditions in regards to "counselors." It may not be perfect but I think it's good to start with.

The Mailbag has its first submissions. It's not much but I'm sure I'll get flamed in one way or another for them. Placeholders elsewhere have been set up but will be filled with more content as the months go by. And yes, india jane, the link to Jeff Schaler's website is within the Links page. :-)

As time goes on I'm going to review the various books and organizations so that one can see how beneficial all of this is. However, for purposes of full disclosure, I know AVRTTM like Neo knows kung-fu. Therefore my bias will become apparent as I keep exercising my free speech rights by exercising my keyboard.



2005/03/13 - About...An Exercise In Web-based "Therapy"

I realized something while posting upon's forums: There was something which really bothered me when dealing with "treatment" in all of its forms which set me right off. So I did the right thing, focused my attention on my website's own development and started writing. Right now I'm finishing up a marathon writing session which comprises the bulk of the About link. I spent what began at around 15:00 EST Saturday ironing out my thoughts and everything flowed from there. It's 2:30AM right now and I just want to put it, and myself, to bed.

There is a LOT there and pretty much gets to the heart of what The ARID Site is all about. Or, at least I hope it does. I wanted to add more to the Books section but right now a placeholder will suffice. Another section has been added to the Lexicon. For what it's worth it has been a very productive day.

My apologies to Ken Ragge and the participants of the aforementioned forum. I'll visit later today in phalengeal silence. My fingers are sore.


2005/03/10 - A Special "Birthday" Article Debut

To celebrate someone in my life who has just had a birthday today I have launched the Articles section. You'll laugh! You'll wince! You'll be satisfied once I kill all the 404's! ;->

Seriously, if there's anything I cannot stand are the chronically self-righteous. I'm sure we all fall prey to such emotions from time to time. However, once I realize I'm going somewhere where I don't want to go that's where I hit the brakes, think, and move on to get past it. It's those easy "targets of opportunity" which I just can't help to not pass up.

This is one of those targets.



2005/03/08 - Still Writing...Plus a Lexicon!

Over the weekend I've been filling in the links along the navbar as well as doing some pages not yet resolved into the format. Since November 2004 I have been writing and have a ton of text which I just have to drag, drop and edit into the site. Don't mind the "organized mess" and its 404's. They'll eventually go away. ;->

For an example of this I have a working version of a linguistics analysis project which I have named "The Buchmanese Lexicon". For those who have wondered about the language spoken at meetings and within A.A.'s propaganda and need to sharpen their intuition this page is for you. Slogans not included...yet...

If you're into feeding a starving website designer's self-indulgent promotional schemes, click on the "No 12-Steps!" logo within the ARID logo banner for a freebie to add to your site. If you have a website then you might as well show your outrage graphically.

Finally, as much as I try to not hype Micro$oft's XP Pro software I do like how Deplorer handles FTP. It's easy for me to update this meager website with a quick drag'n'drop motion and I don't have to buy additional FTP software in the process (it's a low-budget indie DIY thang). What interesting things you learn about FTP through Tripod's help system. Now if Micro$oft would do the right thing and separate "Internment Deplorer" from the OS so that I can remove it to save some diskspace and run Firefox all the time I'll be an even happier man. ;->


2005/03/08 - New Forums

Ken Ragge, author of "The Real A.A.", has now installed forums upon his website @ I, for one, welcome the addition since I feel that I have outgrown the forums on Jack Trimpey's Rational Recovery website ( For those who are interested help get the word out and sign up. We need to fill that place up with content. ;->

It's an awesome site despite the low-rent HTML. Where else can you feed your head with four full-length books concerning the history of A.A. for free? Thanks Ken! :-)


2005/03/04 - Official ARID Site Re-inauguration!

I have finally got the graphics and links all together! It isn't as though I had the webspace since OCtober '04 and let it go to waste. Did you check out the David Mamet page yet? Now that I have all the layouts ready to go I can now take my mind off of how all the elements go together and just write! That means I have to craft the text content for the navigation pages. Easy!

To celebrate why don't you do yourself a big favor and Recover Now?

Check out the links. Enjoy yourself. Let me know how this all works.


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