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Technical Information

The tools used to create this website are extremely affordable! Check out "5 Dollar Software" below to order these useful tools (yes, they are all $5/each so activate your cookies, reload and do some shopping for the tools I use). ;->

CorelDRAW 7 Select Edition: Quite simply the most versatile drawing/paint package that I have ever used. This package contains both full editions of CorelDRAW 7 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. I used PHOTO-PAINT to convert the numerous vector graphics into interlaced .GIF format. The results are quite impressive. Despite it being labeled a Select Edition there is absolutely nothing watered down here. Highly recommended!

Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia: This the be-all and end-all, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end! This is the most comprehensive medical encyclopedia that I have ever used. Period. Very comprehensive and features more than you would care to learn about medicine, including articles on ethics. But wait! It even includes a built-in text editor and full Collegiate editions of Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus (3rd Edition)! You can perform an enormous amount of research with this one disc.

Microsoft Encarta: Despite this being a Micro$quish product it is a very powerful general reference encyclopedia. I have the 2004 Deluxe version and there is always something new to find within it. It's how I was able to have evidence on-hand that the disease mythology isn't what it's made out to be by the Buchmanites. The version which I link to here is the Standard 2005 version. Also check out the 2003 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Hutchinson's Educational Encyclopedia 2000 and Webster's World Encyclopedia 2001.

Microsoft Works 4.01: I prefer this version over its latest bloated version for simple oldskool text processing. However, for industrial-strength word processing and other mission-critical Office-like tasks I highly recommend and use OpenOffice.Org. You can get Works 6 with Money 2001 now if you don't mind a bloated update.

...and a freebie worth searching for...

AOLPRESS 2.0: This is as oldskool as it gets! This was the FREE web editor that AOL released within its "Give Back to the Net" campaign (a result of its own Usenet spam). It is no longer supported by AOL. Despite its rough edges I have grown to appreciate its features which have allowed me to teach myself HTML and maintain my growing web presence. Look around the 'net and you can probably still download it as well as its excellent User's Manual in .PDF format. Just don't take this as me endorsing AOL, which I will never do. Also, check out the 'net Tools Page @ via for more tools to get your site online! the webspace to use it upon...

Tripod: Sorry about the ads at this time but this is a low-traffic website. When the visitors increase I'll upgrade. In the meantime I highly recommend Tripod especially for its FTP access even with a free account. I can literally drag-n-drop updates with a flick of the wrist.

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