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Plight Of A Former Grouper

Sunday, December 31, 2006 -dr.bomb

Hello. I'm dr.bomb and I WAS an Alcoholic.

Judging (stop me before I judge again) from the responses of the Buchmanites on Jack Trimpey's RR-BLOG, the "treatment" for addiction are more dependencies. It's through the fear generated by these IF...THEN... conditions that they believe that IF it wasn't for A.A. THEN they wouldn't be drinking just for today. Likewise, the fear generated through criticism of their leader, William Griffith Wilson, His Steps and His Program causes a hostile reaction.

They get defensive. VERY defensive. They literally believe that without A.A. then they will perish. Likewise, they project their own fear of death upon anyone who dare suggest that anyone can quit without any of their "therapy". They even claim that such a bold suggestion to quit actually puts drunks and druggies at risk.

The truth is just because William Griffith Wilson said it doesn't mean that it's true by default. After all, if Steppers were truly open-minded would they be open to the possibility that William Griffith Wilson was wrong? Likewise, if anyone connected with the RGM/ATI and its front groups were open to the possibility that they themselves were wrong then I'd find them more respectable as human beings.

The truth is that no one else keeps anyone sober or abstinent. It's ultimately the individual alone who has to decide what NOT to do when that healthy desire for pleasure comes around. Likewise, the weight of personal responsibility, whether high as a kite, drunk as a skunk, sober or abstinent, is a burden easily adapted to. In fact, just as you use your muscles to lift heavy burdens, your moral fiber strengthens making the task easier.

Take charge! It's YOU who keeps yourself away from ingesting intoxicants or engaging in behavior against your own better judgement. Giving credit to any program (YES, even R.R.) is merely selling oneself short of their own inborn potential to resist temptation.

While Jack Trimpey helped to confirm my own doubts in realizing that ALL programs are nothing more than institutionalized dependency, ultimately it was I who had to look within and take a chance in questioning the dogma of the system outright. Little did I realize at the time that I would wind up questioning the entire RGM/ATI as a whole.

It was then I fully recovered by my own free will. And the irony is that I was a full-fledged member of A.A. at the time. Yes, it was my own open-mindness which led me out of the morass of addiction itself. For if I were truly closed-minded I would still be preaching for A.A. today. Now I have a moral obligation to take the truth to the newcomers who are still suffering within the rooms. After all, the SCAAAMy apologists surely aren't going to do that.

It's not the newcomers who are at fault for not working The Program. It's The Program and the entire RGM/ATI, a huge pro-addiction system that is deliberately unworkable against addiction, for The Twelve Steps are nothing more than addiction itself which reduces the human being into a bloated sack of fearful (fear-filled?) quivering protoplasm in the face of temptation itself. The sad twist of irony is that the system and its apologists want the newcomers to fail in order to justify The Program. That makes them nothing more than predators.

And, curiously enough, why isn't there a Step which issues a directive to NOT drink in the first place, as in "Don't drink"? Now THAT is a serious defect in a so-called "divinely inspired" Program which is offered up as "suggested" steps for recovery from addiction.

Here's my Program in a nutshell (which, in reality for me and the 80% majority who quits on their own, is no program for I have no meetings to attend or instruction to be educated upon in order to remain completely dry): I choose NEVER to drink in this lifetime ever again, for it's the only lifetime I have and I will NEVER change my mind regarding that choice, for my life is precious. Since I have a whole life free of addiction in front of me I'm dedicating a part of my lifetime into getting the truth out there.

After all, I have a conscience. I find it unconscionable to withhold information from struggling newcomers on something better than A.A. For example, self-recovery without any of that bullshit. For anyone can quit for good. Even a former Stepper, such as myself, can do it.

And, as I examine the research further, the sole inescapable truth is that the entire RGM/ATI is deliberately clueless as how people quit for good. And the ultimate betrayal is by the SCAAAMy "alternatives" that claim to be against A.A. but only for the sake of offering yet another method to procrastinate in the face of ending an addiction and pathologizing any dissent in the process.