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2005/05/25 - Recovering From A Bad Drive/Vacation

So much for my vacation to rejuvenate myself (hey, one can't work and worry about the RGM./ATI all the time so it helps to take a break once in a while). Now I'm contending with a "dead within a week" replacement drive for my other bad DVD/RW drive. Folks, QSI drives just flat-out suck! At least I don't feel alone in that department. The good news is that my software order came in. So it's not a total loss. I can at least load that from the old drive which only has a faulty ejection mechanism.

Aside from that I have added some more Links and moved some old news into the Archives. For Secret Agent Orange and Kazaa/filesharing fans there's something special within the Links area in case you're longing for something not found on The Orange Papers site. ;->

There will be more things to come once I get eveything back into some semblance of functional order here. Ciao for now!


2005/05/09 - Recovery Survey

The University of Virginia has an addiction recovery survey up now until mid-May (I know, I just found out about the thing):

From January through mid-May of 2005, we will be asking members of recovery groups to participate in this survey which will take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete

The survey is being administered by the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia [CSR] and under the direction of The Walsh Group in Bethesda, Maryland. The survey is being funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a division of the U. S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). CSR has carefully designed the survey procedures to assure that participation is voluntary, and to allow each respondent the opportunity for anonymous participation. You will be required to complete a consent form indicating you are over 18 and currently a group participant.


Support groups play a vital role in helping people recovering from alcoholism and other substance abuse problems. Treatment professionals’ knowledge of how support groups do this, however, is incomplete. People in recovery groups are the only ones who can provide this much needed information. By sharing your knowledge and experiences through this survey, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the development of important new knowledge and help treatment professionals to better assist people with substance abuse problems.

While I disagree with the need for recovery groups in order to recover from addiction you might as well take the survey. It's free and confidential. Let your voice be heard! :-)

Also, per a user's request, I've added links to SOS within the Options area.

Finally, for those wondering when I'll have an actual domain name for the site, the fact is that I've had it for some time:

It currently redirects to So, if you wonder what happened to the site if it should disappear, try the domain name above.

Until next time...


2005/05/07 - AVRTTM RULZ

I solved another major problem in my life using AVRTTM this week. It was a bumpy ride but, in the end, I developed a greater knowledge of how problems which seem insurmountable are, in the end, easily solved. I feel better and my outlook on life is just awesome! That one thing will NEVER bother me again.

Learning "Acceptance" is the coward's way out. If you see someone who tells you that "acceptance is the answer" to all of life's problems just recognize them as a lazy cowardly brain-damaged Buchmanite and tell them A.A. is a massive failure which causes more problems and that Billy/Bob were a couple of "dry drunk" idiots. The response you'll get will be very entertaining, I assure you. ;->

Anyone has a 100% chance of Recovering Now. It's a simple choice which has profound ramifications in regards to the future.

There's reason for a kickass attitude: The essay debunking the disease mythology is online as a brand spankin' new Article: Disease or Doctrine. It also features over 2 megabytes of supporting documents in .PDF format dissecting the cult claim that Alcoholism is a disease by defining what actual diseases are. If there's an article that I can claim as my personal best so far it would be this one. It was definitely worth the wait.

Likewise, as a point of reference, check out Stanton Peele's "Diseasing of America". It's a definitive work which proves that the disease mythology has been carried way too far and has literally decimated the notions of free will and personal ethical responsibility concerning volitional behavior. It's a solid work which I consider to be mandatory reading for anyone who is flat out tired of all of the BILL$H!T of the recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry. Get this another great books within the Books section.

Have a great weekend and make sure to piss off a Buchmanite by referring them to the article in question. Enjoy!

(This news update is dedicated to a user named "Irish" from's forums.)


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