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"Analyze, Criticize and Publicize!" --dr.bomb

2005/04/30 - A.A.'s Dark Secrets

Four new documents are available within the 12th Files which shed some more light upon the darker facets of A.A.: How William Griffith got his H.P. on (and no, he didn't "read the Big Book, get a sponsor and work the Steps"), an interview with Rev. Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman and Reinhold Niebuhr's criticism of Buchman's praise of Hitler plus the true origins of the Steps themselves (no Christianity was involved, by the way). A.A. just gets downright wicked the more one unearths this lost history.

Also I've cleaned up the links within the Links page (now there's a link to See Sharp Press, apart from the one on the "Comments Remastered" page) so that the links spawn a new window. I've added the Buchmanite Idea of Sobriety within The Buchmanese Lexicon and more!

While this isn't the megabyte of information that I was hoping to upload (the article I'm finishing up does have a lot of supporting documentation) the 200KB of new and updated information should suffice for now. There's always tomorrow.


2005/04/24 - dr.bomb Goes To LifeRing Chat

This week I checked out LifeRing's chat last Thursday and it was nice. Maybe next time I'll check it out during a full-fledged meeting. I forgot to attend later that night due to the fact I gave blood that day and fell dead asleep earlier than usual so I didn't get the full experience. But the people that I did find were friendly. So I've updated the Options page with the URL to find the LifeRing Java-based chat and a link to the Women For Sobriety website.

While chatting there I've noticed that despite the information I'm collecting at The ARID Site people are way too kind towards A.A. So I dusted off the Articles section of my website and placed a new article online: Why It's Good To Criticize A.A. We need to exercise our precious freedom of speech concerning that specific organization. Also I've added a new file within The 12th Files which contains yet another key quote from William Griffith Wilson on the topic of criticism.

Finally, to remove those excuses for not placing a website online, I've added another link within the Technical Information section of the About page area. There are enough resources there to get a site up on your own with very little money spent (about under $20 or so). With the right tools creating HTML pages is as easy as writing a letter in your favorite word processor. And remember: Learn how to create a lean website. As detailed within the Links section Secret Agent Orange got into some trouble with his host for his huge files (a Web Archive link has been provided if you'd like to browse his site). When developing my website I decided to keep the files small and stick to ISO-9660 8+3 filenames, especially when I decide to master my site onto a CD-ROM.

So, with all of this in mind I'll see you soon at LifeRing chat at 8:00PM EST tonight! And this week I'll have a mother of an article posted which features up to 2MB of supplemental documents. Have a great night and a wonderful New Life!


2005/04/18 - "Rehab" Night

Tonight on HBO at 8:30p EST is "Rehab: America Undercover". The description, per the DirecTV online programming guide is, "Following a 30-day rehab program, addicts and their families work toward recovery." Good luck in that "work", heh heh! According to the blurb from HBO's website:



Running Time: 85 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Every year, nearly two million Americans enter drug and alcohol treatment programs. As many as 80% may relapse within a year. This film follows five young people through a 30-day rehab program--and chronicles the post-rehab progress of these addicts and their families over the next two years. Directed by Oscar(R)-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki (Days of Waiting), this documentary offers a compelling examination of substance abuse and the complicated road to recovery.



Documentary? Sounds more like propaganda to me. Complicated road to recovery? Funny. It was pretty frickin' easy here!

We'll get to see how well "treatment works" PLUS, as a bonus, I'll be taping it. It'll make a great addition to the DVD's I have of Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" and the restoration of "Reefer Madness". RGM/ATI propaganda is something worth collecting after all. ;->

Speaking of propaganda, I've added to The ARID Site downloads of A.A.'s key propaganda so that you may peruse them firsthand without dropping a dollar into the basket, much less dirtying yourself with all of that tobacco smoke and used motor oil "coffee": Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. I have an AMA review of the former which has withstood the test of time and cranked out my own review of the latter (written under the influence of Garbage's new CD, "Bleed Like Me"). Check out the Books section for the reviews and downloads.

Finally, a key link has been added to the Links section: AA GSO Watch! It's a gooooooood site. Trust me. ;->

Have a great night everyone!


2005/04/16 - Stealth Updates

Busy week. I've been adding, writing and adding more content that I neglected to place updates online. There's more on the way this weekend but, to sum up the week that was:

  • I added the entire A.A. Grapevine interview of George Vaillant into the 12th Files. When an official A.A. publication publishes a comment from one of its trustees that 60% quit drinking on their own then it's a rare find worthy of inclusion.

  • I have a new toy which can generate MD5 signatures of various files. Now the authenticity of my publication of A.A. internal document 5M/12-90/TC can be verified. Its MD5 signature, along with a link to where one can download the MD5 utility, is available upon the "Comments Remastered" web page.

  • Speaking of the publication of 5M/12-90/TC, I finally unmask and credit my source with his blessing. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been motivated to get that document online in one weekend.

  • A link to a freeware version of PGP has been added to the Mailbag page.

  • The Technical Information within the About section of this website has been expanded with links to get at my various tools which I use within the production of this!

  • Finally, The ARID Site got spidered by Google!

I forget what else I've updated but it's in there. I'm going to finish up and post an article or two this weekend, await a response from a deeply conflicted writer who is against religion-based irrationality yet is pro-disease mythology, think about the fun I'll have with my digital voice recorder when it arrives and more! Then again, who cares what I think, eh?

BTW, Garbage rules!


2005/04/05 - Site Maintenance

While taking a break from a wonderful weekend of data wrangling I'm moving some content around and performing some menial tasks which won't strain my brain. I have another book on order, "A History of Addiction & Recovery in the United States", which I will be receiving in a few days. I can't wait to read that book cover-to-cover and add it to my growing library of Books.

Which reminded me: "Wouldn't it be nice if you could click upon the book titles and be taken to Amazon to get more information on them?" Indeed! MY will be done...and there's the links! Enjoy and maybe I'll work on my Wish List in the process. ;->

Until next time...


2005/04/03 - "Comments Remastered" Stage 3 Completed

The 2MB Pre-Release .PDF of A.A. internal document 5M/12-90/TC is ready for download! Get it at the project's page through The 12th Files, print out copies and leave them in strategic places, etc. Now the work shifts to matching the layout and removing the bulk of bitmaps.

The weekend just keeps getting better and better! Enjoy! ;->


2005/04/03 - "Comments Remastered" Stages 1 and 2 Completed

A gigantic document upload has been completed. I have transcribed every page of "Comments On A.A.'s Triennial Surveys" into ASCII plaintext. Now you can read what was denied to so many for so long.

Visit the project's page through The 12th Files and check out the work accomplished so far.

I told you this was a great weekend. ;->


2005/04/02 - "The 12th Files" Debuts

More files have been written which means more files have been uploaded to The ARID Site.

There is now a new section dedicated to exposing a lot of the information which the public should know about A.A. and its Buchmanite brethren. From personal horror stories right on down to key documentation from A.A. and its cofounders, it will have quite a chunk of information for public perusal. In particular, there is a great project underway within that section, named "Comments Remastered" to resurrect a key internal A.A. document which documents, unequivocally, the astounding failure rate of the cult. Check out "The 12th Files" within the Options section to see the work so far.

There are more things I'm adding to the site every other day now. I feel a whole lot better and, thanks to my document source, feel rejuvenated to make up for the downtime (my transcribing of A.A. "Comments" document is proof of that). This is going to be a great weekend. What changes and additions I make to the site you'll read about here first.

Oh, and you too have a great weekend! :-)


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