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Todschweigen Mail 2006/03/04

One day, after reading more nonsense about the fictional "genetic" hearsay of addiction, I was prompted to rebut Secret Agent Orange's theory. I mailed him this very detailed response. So far, I have never received a response.

As of the current time of its presentation here, Orange's website is having brownouts again. Also, I have reconsidered and decided NOT to pursue any line of employment within the social services system as a social worker. I'm having far more success teaching people how to quit their drug/vice of choice independently via my own infiltration of A.A.

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Sat, 4 Mar 2006 23:18:33 -0500


.ZIP format history, genetics and other interesting stuff for discussion.
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Hello Orange!

I do have two quibbles concerning a couple of items on your website
and some other interesting observations (wow...I just realized in
retrospect that this is a long e-mail):

1) The .ZIP format was not the product of either WinZip or
Micro$quish. It was developed as a competing technology against the
.ARC format by Phil Katz and marketed through his company, PKWARE,
Inc. in the late 80's. Its development was a result of a successful
lawsuit against his product, PKARC/PKXARC, which infringed upon
System Enhancement Associates's .ARC technology. Also, to build
market share for the .ZIP format and its related utilities, Katz
immediately released the .ZIP format into the public domain. Thus
PKWARE, Inc. grew into a highly successful business which continues
to this day at

A sidenote regarding the founder of PKWARE, Inc. and how it relates
to the topic of alcohol addiction: Phil Katz was a problem drinker
and, unfortunately, died as a result of his own habitual
self-intoxication in a seedy bedroom with an empty bottle of schnapps
at his side. His obituary can be found here:

The obituary has a sentence which I take issue with: "But the riches
his genius produced were no balm for what had become a hellish life
of paranoia, booze and strip clubs." I disagree. The paranoia of
evading the law may have been "hellish" but certainly that was offset
by the pleasure to be found within pussy'n'beer. So that paranoia was
offset 2 to 1. Also, pussy'n'beer is "hellish"? To whom? The consumer
or the rubes who buy into and infer such moralistic
neo-prohibitionist nonsense? I have nothing against people getting
liquored up or engaging in various sexual escapades as long as no one
else's person or property outside of those activities gets harmed.
Outside of that, all people have the right to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness, no matter how unconventional it may be to the
status quo. He was NOT a victim. He gambled for that pleasure and
paid for it with his life. Unfortunately, the article is riddled with
portmortem nonsense that he was "crying for help" and attempts to
paint the stereotypical "alcoholic" identity.

Anyhow, I've been using PKWARE stuff for decades. Unfortunately, I do
not recommend their recent bloatware now. I still use their DOS-based
command-line version (circa 1999) and their Windows-based product
(circa 1997). Both versions get the job done and take up only a
fraction of storage space compared to their latest counterparts.

As another digression, just to stick a shiv into the Micro$quish
juggernaut, I highly recommend and endorse instead of
Micro$quish's Cash Orafice. It runs on Windoze, Mac and Linux, has
most of the essentials of Gate's software and is 100% open-source and
FREE!!! Yes! It's the best selling point: Why pay hundreds of dollars
for office software when you can get a robust office suite for the
cost of download bandwidth? You can even make copies for as many
people as you like, install it on as many computers as you desire and
not run into any EULA (End User License Agreement) problems! It's
always up to date, on the bleeding edge of technology and, frankly,
works much better than anything in Gate's dreams. I'm in love with
its word processor since I'm using it to not only type up the
manuscript but also layout the presentation of the text as well. It's
essential software within my toolkit.

For an example of how I used it for book layout work I recommend
checking out the .PDF version of "Twelve Steps And Twelve
Traditions", available for download @

2) There is no such thing as a "genetic alcoholic". While you believe
yourself to be one and while I could believe myself to be one as
well, such belief with a lack of empirical evidence to back it up is
not a confirmation.

For myself, I have not had any lab work performed on myself which
was scrutinized by a geneticist to prove the existence of genes which
indicate the propensity towards excessive drinking. Likewise, I have
never had any lab tests performed by a neurologist to prove the
existence of an "alcoholic" brain. During my three month ordeal
within addiction "treatment" consisting initially of inpatient
"treatment" then outpatient counseling with cult attendance through
it all, never was there an established protocol which confirmed
either the genetic or disease basis of addiction. Through desperation
and thousands of dollars spent with these so-called "experts on
addiction", I look back and see how I believed their lies and, in the
end, nearly succeeded in killing myself off in a drunken stupor and
how I was diverted from my goal of quitting. I believed that I was
diseased and, in the end, couldn't picture myself living as an
"alcoholic" attending meetings which deeply offended my native
beliefs. So I chose suicide, self-inflicted euthanasia with alcohol
as the "anesthesia" which made me feel high as a kite (read that
again to note the contradiction), through drunken debauchery. I'm
only alive due to dumb luck and frankly, in regards to the idea of
suicide now, dead men tell no tales. So I'd rather stay alive and
keep talkin'.

That suicide attempt was back in October '03. I have not drank since
and I will NEVER drink again. Since then I deprogrammed myself and,
thanks to my long history of Internet experience which dates back to
around '94, I learned how to trust my instincts which comprises my
own built-in bullshit detector. It was only when a dumbass sponsor
wanted me to violate my own beliefs I stood up for myself. It's where
my liberation from addiction truly took place. Right in front of him
I stated that I was willing to spend ETERNITY stuck upon a Step. It
was that one word, ETERNITY, which formed the foundation of my own
abstinence. And, after a little research on the 'net and  taking the
AVRT Crash Course on the Rational Recovery website, I recovered
completely in an hour in March '04. Afterwards I had a very peaceful
sleep which I never had in decades. It's wonderful knowing that it's

As for genetics, genetics do not influence striated muscle control.
As in your own voluntary skeletal muscles in your arms, legs and
face. The myth of genetics influencing one's decision to drink or not
is nothing more than a myth propagated by the very same recovery
group movement which has built a business and government trust upon
such nonsense. I consider that myth to be among dozens others which
contribute to something which I've termed F-SID (First-Step
Indoctrination Disorder) where one believes that their addiction is
caused and maintained by hidden causes and their own self-doubt in
remaining securely abstinent is fueled by BillyBob's movement of
irresolute addicts.

I flip the argument around accordingly through a simple line of
inquiry: "Does this idea support future self-intoxication?" Just as
with the disease mythology itself, the genetic basis of addiction is
answered with a resounding "YES!!!" Likewise, when one's own better
judgement, their own neocortical humanity, says to never drink/use
again their worst judgement, which is picked up and latched upon by
the bestial limbic Lizard Brain, says "You're genetically inferior.
Oh poor you. Might as well have one since this is what alcoholics do
and it will feel better. And you do want to feel good rather than bad
concerning that fact, right? Science can't be wrong."

The only problem that it ain't science. It's government-supported and
taxpayer-funded nonsense attempting to latch upon any "fact" to prove
its own false hypothesis. The so-called "genetics" of addiction is
yet another lie and flies right in the face of human physiology.
Indeed, as documented upon, this is known as the "genetic
fallacy" (ergo, addictive "disease" runs in families therefore that
"proves" that there is some genetic marker):

Also, if you think about it further, what if there was such a gene
which can be detected in newborns? Does this mean that we immediately
segregate and shuttle the kids off to Buchmanite "schools" and the
nearest AlaTot meetings? Actually, with the fraud known as "special"
education already in place, it is already happening. I recommend
watching Andrew Niccol's insight-filled 1997 film, "Gattaca", to see
what such a future would be like. Also, track down a copy of Bill and
Lois Granger's 1986 book, "The Magic Feather", read it and notice the
correlations between "special" education and addiction "treatment".

I abstain from alcohol and other recreational drugs simply because of
two reasons now:

The first is that I feel so much better now. I think much more
clearly now than I did back when I was a world-class boozer who used
the child abuse I suffered by a Synanon-based "partial
hospital/school", within the ruse known as "special" education, for
five years as an excuse for my debauchery when I did stupid things
while intoxicated. I drank simply to feel good and thought that such
pleasure was what life was all about. Of course, the pleasure of
recreational drugs in light of that abuse makes that pleasure seem
like the be all and end all of existence itself. So, only after my
head cleared by never drinking again, I saw the context crystal clear
and that past memory lost its power over me. Also, the so-called
"dual diagnosis" of my depression made little sense short of being a
billing device for the insurance industry when I found that once I
resolved never to drink again that my depression faded into oblivion.
Again, there's nothing like the awesome and joyous feeling of knowing
that it's over.

The second is that I never use because I'm an active critic against
the cult and all of its ideology. Wouldn't that be a HUUUUUUUUGE
scandal to find that a critic  against Buchmanism is drinking again?
The cult, poor deluded sots, creams its collective britches wishing
for that "inevitable" drink to come my way. Drinking is something I
will never do because it is wrong for myself to do so in light of my
own past stupidity. The responsibility is in my own hands at ALL
times: No one and nothing else controls my own hands, the tools
ultimately required for me to return to that addiction.

Once I shouldered that full responsibility I found myself completely
liberated from the cult and my addiction for I am 100% confident that
I'll NEVER drink again. In fact ALL recovery groups need that
self-doubt maintained, no matter what little of a shred there is of
it, so that one is compelled to "keep coming back". Conversely,
someone who displays such confidence is labeled as being
over-confident, diagnosed as being "in denial" and thus stigmatized
further with the prescription of more meeting attendance as
"aftercare". I know the score and my commitment, 'til death do I
part this mortal coil, to lifetime abstinence is solid. I love living
and experiencing life itself!

My past stupidity I can live down now because I know a lot more now.
In fact education, no matter how hard earned through trial and error,
is the perfect cure for stupidity. The more I learned the more I
realized that the Social Services System as a whole, from cradle to
grave, from "special" education to addiction "treatment", causes more
harm than good and deserves nothing less than complete abolition. And
not many people have seen it from the inside-out as I have. So I'm
not so much as a survivor of addiction itself but from all the
institutionalized bullshit which perpetuates such lies.

The irony is that I'm studying to be a social worker within addiction
counseling. If it wasn't for my own stupidity and my former addiction
and seeing things from the inside like that I wouldn't have chose to
pursue a career in that field. I'm sick of the lies and corruption
and will do my part to expose it. If I can save even one person the
expense, humiliation (not to mention their own existence) and torture
at the hands of this cult then I've done my job. My role is simply to
guide them to info at the Orange Papers, my website and at the
Rational Recovery website and act as nothing more than a sounding
board to answer their questions and to confirm their own suspicions!

One other detail: I considered getting my 2-year medallion months
ago. However, since I'm having so much fun enjoying my life, I
completely forgot the date of which I had my final drink at the time.
So that day came and went and I thought about it: Why even go there
to receive it? Such an action would only validate the lie believed by
the rank and file Buchmanites that The Program "works" and I know
through the documentation at hand and the corpses I've viewed that it
never did. Likewise, when I received my one-year medallion, the pain
of witnessing the placid faces of those believing the lies recited
from the beginning of the Fifth Chapter of "Alcoholics Anonymous"
turned into seething anger. I so wanted to scream! Alas, compared to
how I used to participate within the cult and was a rather loquacious
fellow within its rooms, I drew a blank and couldn't come up with
anything to say for "discussion".

Anyhow, I better stop writing. When I get started writing now I just
get into the flow, wind up free-associating and painting a huge
picture. Just remember that you're not genetically defective in any
way, shape or form. You simply loved to get loaded and nothing more.
Only when you realized that that shit was killing you and you were
killing yourself with that shit, you quit. It took a doctor to state
the obvious but at least you woke up, wised up and realized the wages
of your former addiction. I'm just glad your doctor just told you the
facts and told you to quit. Such doctors are a rare find nowadays
(well, from my own experience at least).

Anyone can quit. Anyone at all. They just have to tune out and
disregard the noise of Mr. Lizard both from within their limbic
system and outside via our "AAmerican" (not a typo) culture.

Be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time, Orange! You rock da
house as always up in here! :-) :-) :-)

dr.bomb, Ph.D. AVRT(tm) \_____________________________
Editor of The ARID Site * *
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