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Emotional Bioterrorism

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - dr.bomb

Despite the happy-looking and altruistic facade of the recovery group movement there lies a dark side which is never acknowledged by those supporting such a movement. Behind the facade of every recovery group is a dark side where people trade their drive for independence for surrender into cult slavery. That dark side forms the cornerstone of the emotional terrorism that keeps people coming back.

An example of how emotional terrorism binds any harmful group of people together is, ironically, the recovery group movement itself. It's here where decades of social cultism have created a coven of confidence-gaming charlatans who have duped millions into believing that anyone with a substance "abuse" problem needs "support".

The ruse is as homespun as one can get: Various people from all walks of life are represented within the rooms. All appear to be altruistic on the surface and appear to be doing something about their problems. It's only when one delves beneath that brittle facade and realizes that the only thing one needs to do to recover from their addiction is to simply quit.

When confronted with that obvious fact the fear within the movement coalesces. These people, people who have spent anywhere from a few years to several decades within the rooms, do not want to be humbled by the fact that they've wasted their time. To hear something so simple is deemed a threat to the status quo. The person who views the recovery group movement and its business arm, the addiction treatment industry, as not just a waste of time but of money as well is seen as a social pariah.

It's here where simple dissent becomes fuel for terrorism by the cult. From simple shunning right on down to making threats; threats that culminate into the ultimatum that if one dared to abolish the current system then people "in recovery' and the innocents close to them will be harmed.

A clear-cut case of this is occurring within the so-called "harm reduction" movement where if one stated the obvious, that it's nothing more than the same social cultism of Buchmanism without any pretense of the lie that it's abstinence based, then that person will be shunned. In regards to the social codling known as "needle exchange", the truth is that one is deemed hostile and against the interests of mankind if those irresolute druggies don't get their needles. Or worse, those very same junkies will deliberately infect innocent people with AIDS.

Thus it moves from simple emotional terrorism (we'll shun you if you tell the truth) right to outright bioterrorism as infected junkies dare to become walking weapons of mass destruction if they don't get their "safe" fix.

These people know not the difference between right and wrong due to their hedonism-fueled behavior. They certainly aren't "well" when their own phobias of the outside world dominate their own minds. After all, their "recovery" comes first and everyone and anything else can just back off. Oh, and that pesky need to be a responsible moral adult flies right out the window too.

In other words, due to how fast social cultism can overtake any recovery group, these groups and organizations will never tell people they they can just abstain and move on without any "support". This "support" is nothing more that indoctrination into further dependency into a pro-addiction organization dominated by those who don't know how to quit. After all, to bastardize an A.A. slogan, if they could've quit they wouldn't quit but they didn't quit which is proof that they need the cult. Which, of course, is wrong.

And thus it's not far off to find those who are not just deep in the grip of substance addiction but also in addiction to the peer pressure of the group and blind devotion to its dogma. The people ensnared within are all true believers who believe that if they don't believe the dogma and its revealed "truth" (the Big Lie) then they will die. Couple that with the emotional immaturity of not living with the fact that every human being will die and you have the making of a bonafide dangerous cult.

Again, while it's great news that the majority of people exposed to such cultism leave (95% of newcomers each year per A.A.'s stats) it's the remaining five percent who comes back year after year after year. And those five percenters add up as their own numbers increase. Soon, more people who witness the change of what's occurring leave and soon the five percenters in as little time as a decade, literally own and operate the organization.

It's this cultism which really turned me off not just from A.A. but, as I witnessed it occurring with the so-called "alternatives" I found myself bolting with that harsh realization in mind. When I attempted to hold these soo-called "alternatives" to the same standard it all fell apart. Not of anything I did but simply because it was just the same pro-addiction social cultism in a secularized form.

It was no accident for the price for dissent or holding the group accountable for its actions is to be shunned. While Buchmanites view those who see how harmful 12-Step dogma is are shunned into believing that they are in denial, a symptom of addictive disease. Dissenters are viewed as sick. The so-called "alternatives", on the other hand, have carried that dogma forward and devolved it further. Now if one dares to be decisive and put forth a rather strong fact-based and Reality-based opinion they're seen as being inflexible, domineering or just flat-out sick as well. And let's not mention that both groups dislike anyone who puts forth the idea that the entire system, from top to bottom regarding any support service regarding addiction, MUST be abolished in its entirety in order to truly save lives. And that abolition can be made real through something as simple as a walkout.

That's the evil part of these emotional terrorists: Everything within the confines of what they feel "recovery" is means to literally surrender to some foreign philosophy. From the jihad mentality of Buchmanites down to the religion-hating sycophants within the "alternatives", the easiest thing that can be stated is that bigotry is the norm. And neither side is willing to admit that huge flaw as they discriminate and shun those who just want to quit their addiction. And when some embarrassing fact is revealed the need for censorship rather than open exposure is the norm.* Thus, the system remains in place.

It's the hate that blinds and the fear that binds. It's where dissent is silenced in the name of program and group compliance. No person who is seeking the answer to their own ambivalence regarding their addiction needs that. If there's anything to be learned from this then it's one lesson: Never negotiate with terrorists of any kind.


* An example of this (it will be in the oft-delayed next publication of the Mailbag) would be Ray Smith's 2007/05/13 request for me to remove his self-incriminating E-mail from my website. He also tried to kowtow by claiming how he's spreading the URL for my website. Unfortunately for him, I don't buy such asskissing appeals in the name of self-serving "gratitude". My response was one sentence: "I'm not removing anything." I don't do censorship and I simply don't trust anyone who knows nothing about quitting (much less anyone who believes someone is against A.A. when they state "There is some truth and logic in the written words, throughout the 12 steps."). Why should I be grateful towards anyone who can't see how wrong that is?

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Last updated 2007/05/31

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