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2005/06/30 - 12-Step Freedom

Looks like I touched a nerve! One moment I decide to give an online mailing list discussion group a shot. A couple hours later I find my pageviews reaching their highest levels since..hmm, since a Buchmanite got hooked and read page after page of my site and getting hostile in the process. Yeah. I remember now. Fun times. ;->

So now I'm not just a member but a participant within two lists: 12-step-free and 12-step_Coercion_Watch. I've never done online discussions via E-mail before but it is relatively painless and eye-opening. I've never known what vibrant life there was within these two mailing lists. They're great places to blow off some steam and get some interesting discussions started. Highly recommended.

Which reminds me: I better get something together for Independence Day. There are some things that I really need to get caught up on in terms of projects for the site itself. I've been designing some simple yet provocative artwork and I''ll be releasing some of it on various CafePress gear. One piece entails me going really retro and retrieving some ancient artwork from an old Print Shop graphics library and converting some pieces to vector format.

How retro? Try circa-Apple ][ Print Shop, IBM PCjr style! Back when the debate raged over snowy CGA versus rock-solid MDA/Herc adapters. What more can I say? I'm old. ;->

So, while I'm engaged within my various creative endeavors, truck on by a couple cool Yahoo! Groups. I'll be there.

For those from the two mailing lists I've just mentioned, welcome to The ARID Site! I hope your visit is a pleasant one. :-)


2005/06/25 - "By The Book" Abuse

I've been adding my site to some more search engines in an effort to increase exposure. So I've added some "searchbait" to the frontdoor so that more hits will result. For some strange reason this site was "delisted" from Google searches. Could it be that it hits a bit close to home towards the "in addiction" cult which wishes that the evidence is scrubbed away or denied to even exist?

And then, who is practicing "denial" now?

This is part of the pernicious parcel which is Buchmanism as a whole. With that in mind I've been adding some documents this week to the site. In particular are two additions to The 12th Files:

  • "The Story of Ed": ...or, "How to kick people out of A.A. when they don't believe in God Alcohol, as William Griffith Wilson understood God Alcohol".

  • "Drink advice service confronts sex abuse": An embarrassing memo was FAXed to the wrong number and leaks the notorious acts of "Thirteenth-Stepping" which often occurs within "The Rooms".

Also I've noticed the URL for The ARID Site being written on some U.S. currency. Inspired by what I've witnessed I've added an Activism page which describes that. It's not much but every little bit helps.

Finally, being a glutton for punishment, I've been trolling some of the Buchmanites' guestbooks and web sites. Trust your own intuition that they are, indeed, a very glum, depressing, morose and morally bankrupt lot. So I placed the E-mail address of The ARID Site on one of those "anniversary" pages. I've already received some interesting E-mail so far which I'll place online whenever I feel like it (I really have to drop off yet another Mailbag soon).But, for what it's worth, I came away with disturbing portraits of William Griffith Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook "Nosferatu" Smith and placed them within The 12th Files.

Just to rub some salt into their wounds all the more, when they offer to help me "celebrate" I just give them the URL of my Amazon Wish List: "Freedom From Recovery". It's not that I need the books but, if anyone has some spare change and doesn't mind helping others to see the truth of the whole racket, "donate" a book (used condition works too, so save yourself some money). Already I have hooked a guy up with a few books. He just knew that something was wrong within Wilson's Wonderland. There is nothing like witnessing someone who has just had their healthy intuition and skepticism validated and realizing that they were never diseased to begin with.

THAT is how movements against the tyranny of the "Step-tablishment" get started and thrive afterwards! And, with that in mind, what have you done to combat the religious-based degeneracy of Buchmanism today? Did you write to "treatment" providers? Have you set up your website? The whole point of activism is to get active! Get the word out! Your individual voice, as exercised through your precious freedom of speech, may be the one to help rationality and reason become a critical mass to crush Wilson's Juggernaut.

When good people do or say nothing in the face of abuse is, in essence, to allow it to continue.


2005/06/16 - Spanking The Lindesmith

The "harm reduction" page on has always bothered me. So I've cranked out an article debunking it point-by-point. The only people who would take offense to that are those who "pity" these moral degenerates. Who in their right mind would waste taxpayers' money to support a junkie's fix?

The only effective and Authentic Harm Reduction drug policy is to tell and encourage these people to KNOCK IT OFF! Abstinence is 100% risk free and safe! That is an indisputable fact. Likewise, when people ask that they want to LEARN how to quit, they are NOT diseased! They're looking for specific information which is deliberately withheld by the cult!

The P.R. says "quit drinking/drugging" program...but it's something else when one inquires within. I'd hate to beat the room-temperature equine some more but their practices that they engage within to deceive the public and their clients just riles me up like nothing else!

Also, the FAQ page is up within the About section and I added a few new Links to keep you busy educating yourself. It isn't much but it will get longer as time goes on. I've also been adding some widgets to my page just because it's my website and I can add whatever "clutter" I desire to it. Just as long as it's factual. ;->

Until next time! Peace!


2005/06/09 - Any Questions?

I've been busy yet again. This time I've been writing on the side while teaching myself the finer aspects of using the office suite to lay out my manuscripts for book publishing. It's some back-end work for the still-in-gestation ARID Media project. So there is a lot of text in the form of notes and advice which I'll spend the weekend sorting through. Some of this text will wind up on a FAQ and Site History page. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I don't claim to know all the answers but you will get an answer. ;->

In the meantime I need to clarify my use of the word "cult" when describing X.A. programs, 12-Step and the RGM/ATI in general. When I use that word I refer to destructive cults which value the cult's existence as a priority over the human beings. I have obtained and am currently reading Steve Hassan's "Combatting Cult Mind Control" which is a very lucid read. I only received the book a couple days ago and I'm about halfway through it. I do have one disagreement with it and it's this:

"Even so, it's worth noting, a mind control group's purpose may not be at all bad. For example, many drug rehabilitation and juvenile delinquency programs use some of these same methods to destroy a person's old identity as an addict or criminal. But such programs, successful as they may be, are fraught with danger. After the person is "broken" and given a new identity, he must have his autonomy and individuality restored -- a process that depends entirely on the altruism and responsible behavior of the group's directors. One drug rehabilitation program, Synanon, has apparently conducted its activities in such a manner as to have drawn repeated allegations that it has abused the most basic rights of its members."
-- Steven Hassan, "Understanding Mind Control", pp. 55 Combatting Cult Mind Control

Unfortunately most drug rehab programs are based in Buchmanism which teaches that the person is an addict for life and that the only hope to keep the "disease" in remission is to "keep coming back" to meetings. So, while reading the book, I was picturing how A.A.'s doctrines and practices coincide with a destructive cult and it is just so obvious that A.A. is one! Also, since his book was published in 1988, Hassan didn't have the data from A.A. itself in the form of A.A. internal document 5M/12-90/TC which documents the horrendous failure rate of the cult. Fortunately there is a great essay on Steve Hassan's Freedom Of Mind website which remedies this: "Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult?"

Also, when I finish with that book I will then read Robert Jay Lifton's "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of 'Brainwashing' in China". In a few more months I'll buy some more interesting and relevant books regarding what I consider "recovery from recovery".

So, in the meantime, I'm still here. Now to take care of some stale mail and go from there. ;->


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