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2005/07/21 - The Big Pro-Addiction Swindle

It's been TWO YEARS since I made the mistake of seeking help through the RGM/ATI for my former drinking problem. It was a decision which left me emotionally battered, scarred and nearly dead. It was this day, two years ago, which led to three months of agony.

And all of that, I believed at the time, was to help me quit drinking.

I look back and find that I found NOTHING which helped support my decision to abstain. Yet, the RGM/ATI did provide a multitude of excuses, starting with the first: The Disease Mythology. I nearly died believing that I was diseased and that I was destined to die drunk. Thank goodness that I did NOT die!

So, in honor of this corrupt conglomerate which nearly was the death of me, I have penned an especially acidic Article: The Big Pro-Addiction Swindle. It exposes A.A. as the Pro-Addiction Organization that it is...and then some! There is also a tiny download accompanying it as my gift to those who seek the truth. It's not my best writing since it was penned in two days but it does get the point across that A.A. is definitely NOT what it claims to be in its own words.

Likewise, it's been a while since my last News update. Don't worry! I've been busy adding content and renovating some features. There is a new Mailbag up which features the answer to the question, "Why do you have 1984 within the Books section?" I also have added the full "Serenity Prayer" into the 12th Files section (it's mentioned within the new article as background information).

As for the graphic design, I had a font problem with XP Pro. After bashing Gate's Registry, I resolved the problem on my own! Yes, "if you want a job done right..." So I'll get back to designing some more graphics provided that I don't write for awhile.

Enjoy life and have fun! And remember, friends don't let friends be "in recovery". Friends show them how to recover now.

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