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2005/08/31 - The Coffee Conspiracy

As I bring the month to a close I bring forth a short but interesting article from my many drafts from the prototype of The ARID Site. It's a brief Article which discusses the real purpose of the coffee and sweets at meetings. It's comfort food allright but with an ulterior motive attached. What? You thought the coffee and doughnuts were "free"? Surely you jest! ;->

Likewise, to give a better idea of what caffeine and, likewise, nicotine does I've added their pharmacological information within The 12th Files. Since I have access to this information at work I might as well share the knowledge and put it to good use. I may add more to those two pages so that they can be fully represented.

I'm sure that I could've done more research to make a longer article but, in cases like this, sometimes shorter is sweeter.

Also, as a public service in light of the usual outages on "The Orange Papers" website I created a separate site which features the original .ZIP files which was once featured there. I simply got frustrated and finally caved in, grabbed some GeoCities webspace and created a small site featuring those long-lost files. More details of that endeavor can be found within the Links section. I'm surprised that ALL of the files fit!

I only hope that Secret Agent Orange buys back his domain and keeps the site alive and doesn't go the way of the A.A. Deprogramming website (which, according to word from the 12-Step-Free E-mail list, is now being revived). If not then download and share his excellent work while you still can. I'll take it down if he objects.

Anyhow, it's been a great month. Take it easy! :-)


2005/08/26 - Recon Behind Enemy Lines

Yet again I've been busy on some side projects. Interestingly enough they relate to The ARID Site in regards to research. For example you can't understand how hard it is to find information on A.A.'s actual attendance figures. Could it be that those wonderful Buchmanites are afraid of letting the truth out as they did with their classic "Comments" document? Could it be that A.A. is getting darker within the context of the insanity of its own "trusted servants" who are oldtimers? Are they afraid of someone putting all of the pieces together? No wonder they withhold that information! Rigorous honesty my ass!

Apart from my search for some solid statistics I found a couple of new documents which I filed away within the 12th Files: A counselor speaks out as to the REAL goal of "treatment". It will sicken you when you consider people pay good money for such worthless advice. Likewise, regarding the membership figures of A.A. which have indeed flattened out:

GV: Why do you think Alcoholics Anonymous has flattened out in terms of membership?

LB: There’s no scientific way of measuring, and I don’t have an opinion about that.

Actually, that IS his opinion and there is a way to measure it: Obtain the actual figures from A.A. itself and plotting the data. It's what I've done concerning my research project and the results are good concerning the abolition of the organization and of concern considering who is left to continue to proselytize. The oldtimers literally believe that A.A. "works", despite the evidence to the contrary. They are NOT going to go off gently into the night. They literally believe that without A.A. they will perish.

A.A. knows that it's an organization in decline. According to its own figures from its own internal documentation, it grew from 193 to 979 thousand in regards to the size of its membership in the U.S. and Canada from 1970 to 1989. From 1990 to this year it only boasts a U.S./Canada figure of 1280 thousand. That means more people are learning the truth and, once they see the Real A.A., they leave quickly. Books, the Internet and other sources of information, free speech and the activism involved in pushing for Informed Consent and A.A.'s own ever-intensifying reactionary nature are becoming major influences in regards to A.A.'s downward spiral of a decline.

There's much more but I don't feel like turning this news item into a gigantic report. That would negate the project I'm working on. So enjoy this meager update. And yes, Scotty: I took your advice. Peace! ;->


2005/08/02 - Buchmanism Horror Stories

There are now two debut stories within the Buchmanism Horror Stories within the 12th Files. The first, mine, was already there but needed further editing to make it more coherent (I'll probably edit it a little bit more by the end of the night). It is a tale of how the addiction treatment industry is willing to sacrifice lives for the sake of ideology. Also there is RationalDL's story and link to his website.

If you have a story of abuse and neglect at the hands of the Buchmanites feel free to send it my way. If you're concerned about E-mail security check out the opening Mailbag page for links to retail and freeware versions of PGP.

Never underestimate a Buchmanite. NEVER!


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