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"Analyze, Criticize and Publicize!" --dr.bomb

2005/09/20 - Caveat Emptor

Sometimes you think you know somebody...until you start digging into the ugly truth. Sometimes that truth proves to be such a revelation that you think about it for a while before acting upon it. So today I'm publicizing the action I took over a week ago concerning Donald Lee a.k.a. RationalDL. When someone launches an ad hominem attack and fails to address simple questions concerning their own factual veracity then my own skepticism and curiosity intensifies.

First off, as an advocate for free speech and other First Amendment issues, I am 100% against censorship. I believe that when there's a dispute in regards to inaccurate information the solution is not to "blackhole" information but to publicize and add more speech in the process to clarify the issue and feature the collected evidence as-is. I feel that any claim should be proven as well as publicizing the maker of such claims. As for Lee, I published some of his work upon The ARID Site and, instead of deleting any of his work, I believe that it should be augmented instead.

So I worked out a compromise I can live with which has led to an addition within the "Crash Course In Ethics" on the Options page: Caveat Emptor. When I find something which seems too good to be true or so conspiratorial in nature which raises my own curiosity and skepticism I'll investigate. In Lee's case I discovered some disturbing things to the point that I've created a page of his own detailing our little dispute. I didn't delete his other work upon my website. In fact I simply consolidated the links to his material upon his own Caveat Emptor page. I'll probably be doing this with others when I'm in a questioning mood.

Also, I decided to rearrange the Links section by placing the links towards sites geared along the lines of skepticism and critical thought first. The QuackWatch website is 100% GOLD when it details the many frauds performed in the name of medicine.Definitely check out that site and the others within that brief section. It'll save you the grief of coming to terms with the black helicopter nonsense crowd.

The moral of all of this? If anyone is going to make a claim that claim better be backed up with real evidence. Such people who cannot perform that one basic task are certainly not on my side. Only exposure through the vital exercise of free speech can bring forth justice.

All I hope is that others can learn from my mistake. It is a mistake which I'll do my best not to repeat. Oh...

What does any of this have to do with ending addiction?

Well, the truth is that the anti-addiction market is growing if only due to the fact that "KNOCKING IT OFF" is so damn easy! That means that there will be a few misguided individuals out there who will latch upon this counter-movement and inadvertently ruin it through their own irrationality as they also try to bridge that irreconcilable divide by stating that the RGM/ATI works successfully for others (yeah...only 5%) or is merely a "religion". So be careful out there as I try to keep my own site in order despite the fireworks. ;->

Oh, and Choose Reality. :-)


2005/09/04 - The Holy Trinity of A.A.

Because of the research I performed in regards to the pharmacology of nicotine and caffeine linked by my last Article I decided to present the Holy Trinity of A.A. within the 12th Files section: Extended and extensive pharmacologies for nicotine, caffeine and ethanol. Very technical stuff. It's not to be missed since it only proves the outlandish uneducated hypocrisy of the cult regarding their other vices.

Also, I've been busy exercising Adobe Acrobat and the latest beta of and used these tools to create an interesting "product". This "product" is now featured for free download via the debut beta version of the ARID Media page. I'm sure that the featured "product" will assist in debunking Buchmanites.

So this has been a busy, yet productive, working vacation for me. It was definitely worth the labor so far. I hope your vacation is as good and as fulfilling as mine. :-)


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