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Patriotically made in the U.S.A.!An Authentic Anti-Addiction Perspective From The Reality-Based Community
"Analyze, Criticize and Publicize!" --dr.bomb

2005/10/18 - Lies Recited At Most A.A. Meetings

The Article which has been gestating for nearly ten months is now complete. There may be grammatical errors or a stray sentence here and there but I'm proud of it. I'd rank it up there with "The Big Pro-Addiction Swindle" in regards to its tenacity. I feel that it was worth the wait.

Now, to spend a few days playing catch-up with my E-mail (it includes participation within 12-Step-Free and EFTCoaa so, in case anyone wondered where I was at for awhile and now is finding responses to some really old messages, it's all catch-up). I also ordered some more Books from Amazon. Maybe over the weekend I'll also revamp the booklist with some more entries and even add some descriptions as well.

So enjoy the new Article. There are plenty more lies to debunk in the meantime. :-)


2005/10/17 - New Horror Story Posted

I was hoping to get that big ol' Article of mine up tonight but that can wait one more day. I'm editing it for maximum punch. From dealing with an insurance company to Buchmanites who know less than zero about addiction it's taking a beating on me. But I'm tough and I'll survive it. I've been in worse situations. Oh yeah...I've been in worse scrapes.

In the meantime, as promised to a fellow writer, a new horror story is up within the 12th Files. I'm also taking the time to get caught up on my E-mail so maybe this week they'll also be a new Mailbag posted.

Enjoy and don't forget to write. :-)


2005/10/10 - 12-Step Assumptions and Fallacies

While working on a larger Article I realized that I had to do something which every critic of Buchmanism has done as a rite of passage: A direct criticism of the Twelve Steps. So now, what I consider to be merely a subset of an Article in the works, it's here for the world to see.

The main Article I'm working on will document most lies which are told at most meetings. The Twelve Steps are a central part of that lie and needed to be debunked. So in case the many visitors here were wondering what the holdup was well that's a central reason. So, to make up for the lack of an Article in September I will offer another in a few days.

Also, due to a skeptical Buchmanite counselor breathing down my neck, there are plenty of new Articles in the works to coincide with my "writing assignments". I will simply do something radical: Present the "homework" in Article form here and in standard print. The content will be identical and therefore will allow the visiting public to decide for themselves whether or not Buchmanism isn't a bunch of Bill$h!t, much less an outright fraud, concerning the snake oil known as "addiction treatment" and "recovery".

I remain optimistic though. I hope the "counselor", obviously "in recovery" (a member of a Buchmanite 12-Step sect), gets a Reality-based education from the copy of Vince Fox's "Addiction, Change and Choice" that I bought for him (Chapter 11 is a must read for reformers who are looking for an alternative to the current system while abolitionists will see precisely how 12-Step, TSF or some other euphemism for Buchmanism-based "treatment" fails). It was an eye opener for me and I highly recommend buying it used (it's out of print).

Finally, I've added synonyms for "disease" and a direct jump to the debunking of the "spiritual, not religious" fallacy within "The Synonym Game" section of The Buchmanese Lexicon plus a new site here and there upon the Links page. I also added some citation information on the "Comments Remastered" webpage for A.A. internal document 5M/12-90/TC in case you're writing a report or some other text which references that document .

Enjoy and more will indeed be revealed. A special shout-out to Secret Agent Orange for kicking ass beyond the call of duty with a MASSIVE update of his website (and using the old format, no less). :-)


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